Egypt’s Hidden Gem Revealed

Imagine a quiet beach with white sand, turquoise blue water, and a bright blue sky. You may say it is a description of a painting, but in Egypt’s Marsa Matruh, this painting comes alive. Located just 240 km from Alexandria is this hidden gem that deserves a place in your itinerary. Marsa Mutrah is also popular as a weekend getaway for the Egyptians, who have been long visiting this place, often repeatedly for a much-needed respite. 

Here is some information to help you plan your trip to the mesmerizing Marsa Matruh. 

Marsa Matruh – A Perfect Retreat

How to reach?

Reaching Marsa Matruh is super smooth as several avenues are available for the same. 

By flight: A flight from Cairo is only of an hour’s duration. Many international flights fly into the Mersa Matruh Governate as well. 

By Train: An overnight train journey from Cairo is the cheapest and way of transport. A train is available every night from Cairo. 

By Bus: Twice a day, buses ply from Cairo to Marsa Matruh.

By car: You can reach by a rented car or your car in approximately 4 to 5 hours. You can also plan a pit-stop at Alexandria. 

Where to stay? 

There are plenty of hotels available here that will fit into your budget and specifications. 

We recommend Jaz Crystal Resort, Caesar Bay Resort, Carols Beau Rivage Hotel, Royal Crown Marsa Matruh, and Adriatica Hotel. 

What to see? 

  • Temple ruins of Pharaoh Rameses II (1200 B.C)
  • Drowned Palace of Cleopatra.
  • Coptic Chapel
  • Rommel’s Hideout: Now a military museum, Rommel had inhabited a cave to draw up plans of his military operations here. 
  • The British Cemetery: Several rock-cut tombstones are lined-up in straight rows amidst a fenced garden.
  • The German Cemetery: Overlooking the sea is a fortress-like memorial.
  • The Italian Cemetery: Standing on a high hill is a tall tower fort with its walls covered up in marble.

Which beaches to visit?

Cleopatra beach: 

Cleopatra Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Egypt. The seawater here is gorgeous blue-green. Located around 20 meters from the beach is ‘Cleopatra Rock’ which can be accessed on foot. The rock has an opening that lets the water into the rock and stores it there. Multiple other openings in the rock let the sunshine in which heats the water. Many legends state that Cleopatra would frequent this natural bath. 

Cleopatra Statue
Cleopatra Statue at the beach


Cleopatra Rock
Cleopatra Rock
Rommel Beach: 

The beach is so named as the German commander Rommel had inhabited the rock-cut cave during the second World War. The seawater here is a beautiful sky blue color. Pay a quick visit to the military museum while on the beach. 

Ageeba Beach
Ageeba Beach
Ageeba Beach: 

The most popular of all the beaches is Ageeba Beach for its several natural caves. The name Ageeba Beach translates to ‘a miracle.’ Usually packed during summers, the waters here, however, are precarious for the children. 

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