Worried about leaving your cat behind while you travel? 

Here are some tips that can help you and your furry mate!


Overjoyed with your boss’ approval for that extended vacation you longed for? Well, the boss says ‘HOLD ON!’ Oh, wait! This is your cat in charge that we’re talking about. Ever wondered how to get your poofy along with you on a plane? Or, are you unaware of the fact that you can easily accommodate pets in hotels? 

Well, you are at the right place. We’ve got all your concerns covered. Here are some tips and tricks to plan your next adventure together. 


1) Fly the skies with your cat

There have been a lot of misconceptions in the air regarding this. Well, the answer is, you can bring your cat on a plane. The cats are allowed to travel in the cabin under the seat, paying an extra fee. You just need to check which airlines allow pets and book your tickets accordingly. 

Flying with cats: Checklist

To make things easier, we’ve got some important gears for you to pack before you start:

    • Disposable litter trays
    • Portable bowl for water/ food
    • Pet wipes
    • Cat Litter in a ziplock bag
    • Kitty snacks
    • Nail clippers


2) Planning your stay with your cat

You know how important it is to get a good stay while you are on the go. It’s the same way for your pets too. So, be watchful while booking your stay. 

Staying at a hotel with your cat 

Hotels are the most chosen option while traveling with pets, for the simple reason that they love them. There is a lot of space for all their running around and hide and seek. Cats being fractious among all pets, love sneaking under the beds and running around the corridors. Having said that, it’s not that easy to find cat-friendly accommodations. Some hotels tend to charge very high for allowing them, whereas some others do not allow pets to be left alone in the room.  Verifying pet policies before making your reservations is very crucial. Make your cat sit indoors while you want to roam around, leaving the ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs on

Cozy stay at hotels
Cozy stay at hotels
Staying with your cat on a road trip

Road trips can be extra adventurous with your pet on board. Mostly, road travelers prefer to stay in a tent, trailer, hotel, or sometimes in the car itself.  Staying with your cat inside your car or tent is fine, but you’ll have to restrict your activities. Another useful alternative is to buy or rent small travel trailers.  These customizable trailers can be super comfortable for cats, as they can be made into a home away from home, with all the comforts in place.

Cats on the road!
Cats on the road!


3) Leash train your cat 

Leash training turns out to be important when it comes to traveling with your pets. People often associate it with dogs, but cats can also be trained to walk on the leash. You might catch embarrassing faces from people around, but leash training is a great way to make your cat feel less bored. They get to roam freely than when they are moved around in carriers, as well as can accompany you to cafes and parks. You don’t even have to worry about them while they are out of the carrier. 

Cat on a leash
Cat on a leash


4) Pick the right carrier

Just like the trailers, carriers are considered to be the safest to move with cats. Picking the right carrier is certainly a task, from a sea of bogus advertisements and brands in the market. Some carriers tend to be oversized despite being promoted as ‘airline approved’. The size of the cabinet becomes vital when you call the airline to pre-book your ‘pet ticket’. You’ll be asked to give the dimensions of your carrier.

Pick the right carrier for your cats
Pick the right carriers, or she’d come out angry!


5) Always consult a vet before you start off

Not only you, but your cats can get anxious as well before traveling. No one would want their kitty to get nervous and fidgety during the trip. Proper medication might be an option to help them feel more comfortable. As there is more than one option to make them relax, do not risk it, but talk to your vet about your travel plans and get the medications done beforehand. Carry the medicines along as well. Don’t forget to put a copy of your cat’s vaccination records in your travel bag.

The vet care before you take off
The vet care!


6) Pack your cat’s favorites

Carry your cat’s favorite things while you travel. It can be a toy, a blanket, or anything. It would certainly make them feel at home, where they feel more secure. 

Pack her favourite toy
Pack her favorite toy



7) Be cautious while your cat is in the car

Never leave your pet in the car! The temperatures on the inside of your car can climb dangerously high pretty quickly and can turn out to be even fatal. Try to carry your pet alongside every time you step out of the vehicle. The leash training can help big time here!

And, always be careful while opening and closing the car doors. Cats can sneak out and disappear at any time. Who prefers to run around searching for their pet in a strange destination? Thus, It is advised to make sure your pet has an ID tag with your information on it, in case the worst thing happens. 

Never leave her inside
Never leave her inside


8) It’s okay to be not okay

Even with all the preparations and precautions in place, the traveling process can be equally stressful for you, as well as your cat. Things can go wrong, and you may end up in the middle of nowhere. But, that’s how it works. You may struggle in the beginning, but trust us, the result can be incredibly rewarding for both of you. 

Know that it's quite normal!
Know that it’s quite normal!



9) Plan your travel with Rehlat 

We assure you that we’ll make the adventure less stressful for you and your kitty. For any queries regarding your travel, you can check with our customer care team. 

We are always one step ahead. Book your tickets now, sit back and relax!


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