Top 10 Craziest & Strangest Things You Could Get Fined for Around the World


Traveling the world is all about experiencing new things and creating memories for a lifetime. However, if the experience involves getting fined, then it can be a mood dampener.

Offenses that might be ignored in your home country could be a strict law in other countries. Hence, it should be your priority to check the rules and regulations when traveling abroad. Here are the top 10 weird laws around the world that can be a budget buster for you.

Top 10 Weird Laws that Could Get You Fined

Having a Dirty Car in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Dirty Cars are FIned

You think you have rented the car and so it’s up to you if you keep it clean or not. But not in Dubai, as the Government opines that dirty cars would harm the city image and could be a threat to public health. Dirty vehicles are towed away, and the owners are fined and impound fees of 3,000 AED ($817).

Picking up Olives before they Ripe in Istanbul, Turkey

Picking up Olives

Turkish love their olives. This is why this law. If you are caught picking up olives from the tree before they are ripe, you could be fined as high as $500 & may also face a jail sentence of up to 2 years.

Sitting Down in Venice, Italy

Sitting in Italy

With so many attractions around, we are sure your legs would be aching & you want to sit down for some time. But, no, don’t do that in Venice. This simple act of yours could cost you $588. The reason you ask – The city is crowded with tourists, and the local Government is trying to keep things organized and make it hassle-free for both locals and tourists. Find a café, sit down, and order a coffee, tea, or famous Italian gelato.

Collecting sand, pebbles, & shells in Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy

Love to collect pebbles, shells, and a little bit of sand from the beach you are visiting as a souvenir. Don’t do it in Sardinia.  If you get caught, you can be fined up to $3,482.

Removing pebbles from beaches in Cornwall, England

Crackington Haven

The beautiful Crackington Haven is Cornwall’s most visited site. But taking stones from the beach leaves the beach open to erosion. This is why the local Government has put a fine up to $1,283 for people taking pebbles from the beaches.

Littering in Hong Kong

Littering in Hong Kong

Littering is not cool, be it anywhere in the world. But the Hong Kong government has gone one step ahead and made it a law to stop littering. Even throwing a candy wrapper in the street can set your budget back by $1500.

Running out of gas on the Autobahn in Germany

Running out of gas on the Autobahn in Germany

This is one of the most famous expressways which is famed as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The speed limit is about 81 mph (and in some rural areas, there is no speed limit). And that is why, if you run out of fuel on this road, you would be fined up to $34 for illegal stopping.

Chewing gum in Singapore

chewing gum banned in Singapore

Bring chewing gum to Singapore is illegal. If you are caught with it, you could face a $100,000 fine. Singapore has banned chewing gum because it was making the roads and sidewalks dirty and filthy.

In-appropriate cloths for hiking in the nude in the Alps of Switzerland

Hiking in Swiss Alps

Hiking tops the list of every tourist who comes to Switzerland. However, not wearing appropriate clothes while you go up the pristine Alps of Switzerland is against the laws of the country. You could be fined up to $100. So, better pack your jackets and hiking boots while visiting the Swiss Alps.

Wearing Camouflage Clothes in the Caribbean

Camouflage Clothes

Love your camouflage trousers? But, don’t pack it for your Caribbean trip. Non-military personnel is banned from wearing camouflage clothing or gear in many parts of the Caribbean. You can be fined about $3,700) or jailed for a year for sporting camouflage clothes or gears.

Did you come across any such weird laws? Let us know. We promise to spread it across to travelers around the world.


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