Traveling with Kids: Tips to Travel like a Pro with Kids

Kids are adorable, and they love exploring. But, travelling with them can often prove to be a challenge. If you are planning your next vacation with your kids, here are some tips that would help you in having an enjoyable and hassle-free trip.

Before Flight

Kids at airport

Book ahead: Planning ahead is a golden tip for every successful trip. Book your flight tickets in advance and plan everything accordingly.

Keep an eye on the flight schedule: Double-check your flight schedule and assure that your departure and return timings haven’t altered. Most of the airlines update the last minute changes of flight schedules 24 hours before your flight departures. Also, you can sign up for online updates or create cell phone alerts to avoid hassle because of sudden schedule changes.

Save time: Make sure to print your boarding passes at home – a time-saving feature provided by airlines. If you miss this, you can use the e-check in kiosks at the airport instead of standing in the long queues at the check-in counters.

Keep it small: Bring a compact stroller so that you can take it onboard with you.



Kid’s activities: Games can keep your kids busy during travel. Use easy game like I-Spy and get more ideas for easy and cost-free games suitable for your kid. Carry some coloring books and their favorite activity packs onboard so that they will be distracted during take-off.

Take some sweets onboard: Pack some sweets in your carry-on bag. This will help your kids as well as you to distract from during take-off and landing.

Checklist:  Pack items such as sanitizer, one comfort item, wipes, diapers, kid-size earphones, water, low-sugar sweets, plastic bags (for trash), art supplies, etc onboard.

Seat your child away from aisle: Since the food and beverages cart passes by, to keep away from unexpected hurts.

Points to Note:


Make a checklist: Remembering a lot of things is not an easy task. So it is better to make a last minute checklist of things that you must carry like money bag, medication, some snacks, credit cards, cash, sweaters, passports, etc.

Track your child: Worried about your kid getting lost? Stick a note on them by writing your name and phone number. If somebody finds your child, they can contact you easily. Otherwise, invest in a GPS tracking device. Attach the device to your child’s wrist and track them using the app on your device.

Be flexible: It is advisable to book a hotel near the airport for the first night of your travel. Later figure out the hotel near attractions which you want to explore.

                                                    Kids make for great travel buddies. Tips for your next trip.

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