The 5 Signs & Symptoms of a Good Traveler

Do you have any of them?


What it takes to be a good traveler and not get caught up in unexpected hings that would ruin a trip. While traveling is a lot of fun, it is also an art that takes some time to master. You make a few mistakes initially but then you learn from them. We’ve got some tips for you so that you don’t end up making the mistakes that a lot of people probably did.

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling

Avoid eating near a major tourist spot

shutterstock_651387499It’s better to not eat in the restaurants located near the major tourist sites. They are unnecessarily costly and there’s a high probability that the restaurant won’t serve you authentic local food. It is highly recommended that you do proper research regarding places serving great local cuisine so you get value for money and a cherished eating experience.

Travel insurance is a must

shutterstock_745031947Do not try to cut down your cost by skipping travel insurance. When venturing into an unknown land, you never know what might happen. So, instead of paying hefty sum late, it’s better to insure your travel. Better to take precautions beforehand instead of regretting later.

Consent matters

shutterstock_475010344It is extremely impolite and unacceptable to click anyone’s picture without their permission. They might consider it a violation of their privacy. Before taking a photograph of your desired subject, try to strike up a conversation and politely ask the person if they’re okay with being photographed.

Carry as little cash as you possible

shutterstock_195887558Carrying large amount of cash is definitely not a wise thing to do while travelling as it will make you more prone to pickpockets. If required, do not store all your money in one place. Try to keep your cash in different places in your bag and your body. It will prevent you from losing all your cash at one go in case you are unfortunately pick pocketed.

Dress up appropriately

shutterstock_569016604Always keep in mind while travelling that every country follows a certain dressing etiquette. While it’s okay to wear shorts in European countries revealing too much skin in an Islamic country might land you in trouble. As the saying goes “when in Rome do as the Romans do”, it is wise to follow the local customs as not doing so might be considered disrespectful. Always keep a long scarf with you, it might come handy in many occasions.

               What makes you a good traveler? Share your signs and symptoms 🙂


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