Online Check-In with Rehlat

Check in online and avoid lines.


Want to reduce your hassle and speed up your check-in process at the airport? Then you must go for online check-in with Rehlat! The online check-in for flights is an extended service provided by Rehlat to reduce hassle before boarding.

Why Online Check-In Should be In Your Travel List?

  • Web check-in reduces long time standings in the queues
  • Saves time and fuss at the airport.
  • Print your boarding pass conveniently at home or office.
  • You get your preferred seat, window or aisle. (Most of the times)

Online check-in is very simple and varies from airline to airline.

Online Check-In with Rehlat

Don’t want to get into the hassle of online-check in. No worries; a smarter experience awaits you! Enjoy trouble-free check-in with us by paying a nominal fee and save your time and fuss at the airport. We’ll inform you about the start and end time of online check-in, or we’ll do it for you.

We would do the online check-in for you and also would get your preferred seat (aisle/middle/window) reserved for you. On confirmation, you will receive a message and a mail with boarding pass details. Full refund of the service fee would be done if unable to complete the online check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Check In

1.Why to do online check-in with Rehlat?

It’s the most convenient way. On Rehlat, you can simply finish your web check-in for any airline by just selecting the add-on while booking. You don’t need to wait for the airline check-in window to open as our support would do that for you. No more missing on the web check-in at the last moment.

2. Do I need to pay any additional fee for online-checkin?

Yes, there would be a nominal amount charged. However, the amount is refunded if we are unable to secure your preferred seat.

3. Which airlines are supported for online check-in on Rehlat?

We can do online check-in for all airlines that have the same facility.

4. Do I get a confirmation after the web check-in is completed?

Yes, you get a confirmation mail from Team Rehlat on the status of check-in.

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