No More Lost Baggage – Expert Tips to Avoid Baggage Loss for Your Next Holiday


Just stepped out of your flight and all set to enjoy the vacation and suddenly the news breaks that your luggage is lost – that one line can break your vacation mood and be quite frustrating.

With many travelers gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, our team at Rehlat has compiled this list of ways to avoid baggage loss and also a few tips on what to do if it has happened.

Baggage Claim Desk

  • Fly direct whenever possible
  • Make sure your luggage is labelled properly with your name and photo
  • Remove all old bag tags from your luggage, so airline personnel don’t mistakenly send your bag to the wrong flight.
  • Double check the airport code
  • Add a color ribbon to your luggage
  • Check in early
  • Book an airline that has a good track report for baggage handling
  • Keep your bag’s photo on your phone
  • Take your valuables and essentials in the carry-on
  • Consider buying baggage insurance (Rehlat has tied up with BRB for lost luggage. Click here for more details.)

A recent report suggests that three out of every 1,000 bags are mishandled or lost. If it happens to you, first thing first, don’t get frustrated or tensed. It’s vital to take action right away by reporting the same and following the below steps or tips.

Report the Baggage Loss

Most of the airlines today have advanced tracking systems to locate the exact location of your baggage and how long it will take to get to you.

Keep a Track and be in Contact with Baggage Loss Desk

Get the contact number and web address for monitoring your bag’s progress

Be Prepared to Make a Claim

Negotiate with airline and insurance (if you have taken) to compensate you adequately.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Ask as many questions as possible to find the best way to get your luggage back.

Ask for Emergency Supplies

Airlines like Air Canada offer travel kits with travel-size toiletries and other essentials. So, go ahead ask, you may be up for some pleasant surprise after the distressing luggage loss.

Last but not the least “Be Patient”, because nobody wants a baggage loss, neither you nor the airlines nor the airport authorities. All would work out in the end, and with that thought, we wish you happy travelling.

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