Insider Guide – How to Hack your Way to Cheap Flight Tickets?

Save huge on your next flight with secret travel tips


Who doesn’t love traveling? Yes, we know everyone does. But many refrain from that keeping in lieu the high airfares and the cost involved when you are traveling. However, do you know there are certain days and few ways you can get a cheap flight ticket? If no, we’ve come to your rescue with our smart tips that can help you save more on your next flight ticket booking. So, all the travel enthusiasts, who are always on the go, read our insider guide and fly to your dream destination without burning a hole in your pocket.

Revealing the Secret for Cheap Flight Tickets

Choose Date and Day Wisely

There is no rocket science behind this. If you book flight tickets during peak-seasons, you might really be charged a bomb. No matter whatever deals or discounts come by, booking flight tickets wisely has always proved to be the best way to get cheap flight tickets.

Set a Fare Alert

You can actually set up an alert or subscribe to the newsletter of various travel websites wherein you’ll receive an email every time the price increases or decreases.

Check for Hidden Charges

Initially, some search engines may show lower fares, but later as you proceed to payment, convenience fees or taxes may be imposed. So you should know the total cost. Otherwise, you’ll feel cheated.

Cheap Airfare Alerts

A Combo of Flight & Hotel is Cheap

Booking flight and hotel at one time can help you save big. This technique of bundling works most of the times.

Use Frequent Flyer Miles

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling once a year, getting signed up for frequent flyer should be a must. Special fares, special seats and special redemption points and point redeem – you get everything with frequent flyer miles program.


Many travelers use this option to get cheaper fares. Most of the airlines ask you to make payment in the currency of the country you’re traveling from.  From next time check if you can pay in any other currency, which is cheaper than your own.


Note: Make sure to use a credit or debit card that is free of foreign transaction fees; otherwise you will get charged more for the extra service fees.

Book Early Morning or Late Night Flight

It’s a brilliant and time-tested rule! Sometimes, early morning and late night flights can be cheaper than other flights. So, if you’re ready to compromise on your sleep, then you might end up with a heavy wallet.

Destination Selection

Destination Selection Matters

If you are a travel lover but don’t have any specific destination in mind, then this trick is just for you. You can use search engines to find out which places offer cheap flight fares, then accordingly freeze your holiday destination based on your interest. This smart move will help you travel to exotic places and satiate the wanderlust in you.

Consider Booking with Low-Cost Carriers

It may sound dim, but low-cost carriers in India are doing big. They may charge you for that meal or extra baggage, but you’ll receive great service.

Well, the pleasure of buying the cheapest seat on the flight is second to none. Isn’t it?

  1. Emma

    Love the “Check for Hidden Charges” ….. Thats funny since Rehlat charge a ‘convenience fee’

    1. Monalisha Mallick

      That’s a nice catch, Emma. Well Yes, we do charge a convenience fee and not only us, but most of the leading OTAs do that. The convenience fees are the charges which we pay to any service provider for using its platform or payment mode. This charges can also be referred to as Internet handling fee.

      1. Farooq

        Just felt “Being Cheated” Guess that’s how things run in this part of the world.

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