Club Karam: Making Travel More Rewarding


Club Karam – Rehlat’s exclusive loyalty program was born out of the need to express gratitude and respect to our patrons for their long and continued support. We believe that there is no joy like the joy of being rewarded because it makes us feel truly special. And hence the motto of Club Karam – Making Travel More Rewarding. 

club karam best travel loyalty program

We take immense pride in being the pioneers of the finest loyalty program in the Middle East, aimed at elevating the overall travel booking and post-booking experience. Club Karam, is designed to offer you a world of exceptional advantages and exclusive perks. The best part? Becoming a member is absolutely free! Register effortlessly on the Rehlat app to unlock incredible benefits.


Our loyalty program goes beyond the ordinary, as you can earn Karam points, redeem the partner vouchers for exceptional benefits. The journey to unlocking incredible rewards is as straightforward as this: Join, Earn Karam Points, Select vouchers, and Redeem! It’s truly that simple.

What is Club Karam?

Club Karam is an app-only exclusive membership program where you can redeem unlimited vouchers and enjoy exciting rewards. To become a loyal member of the program, all you need to do is install the Rehlat app on your mobile device and register yourself on the app.

Accumulate as many Karam points as possible to unlock a range of enticing rewards. The more you earn, the more rewards you can redeem. 


How do I earn Karam points?

Earning Karam points is simple and convenient. Here are a few ways you can accumulate points:

1. Sign up

By enrolling in our app and providing your email ID, phone number, and other necessary details, you become an esteemed member of our loyalty program. Just a few clicks, and you’re on your way to earning Karam points!

2. Referral 

Spread the word and invite your friends to join our loyalty program. When they sign up using your referral code or link, both you and your friends earn Karam points. It’s a win-win!

3. Participating in promotional campaigns

Engage in exciting promotional campaigns that we organize for our loyal members. From interactive games like Spin & Win to Rehlat Champion League, these fun-filled activities are just a tap away. Participate, have a great time, and earn Karam points effortlessly.

Why wait? Start earning points today!

How can I redeem vouchers on Club Karam?

With our user-friendly interface, you can redeem vouchers with ease. Follow the below steps to redeem vouchers.

redeem voucher

Please Note: All the redeemed vouchers can be accessed in the “Vouchers” section.

How can I check my Karam points balance?

You can check the balance of Karam points in two different ways. 

To access information about Karam points balance:

  1. Login to the Rehlat app
  2. Navigate to the ‘Rewards’ section
  3. Find Karam points balance under the ‘Karam Points’ tab
  4. Click it to view the history of accumulation and redemption of points

Alternately, you can follow the steps below to view the information on Karam points:

  1. Login to the Rehlat app
  2. Navigate to ‘Profile’ section
  3. Find Karam points balance under the ‘My Wallet’ tab
  4. Click ‘My Wallet’ to view the history of accumulation and redemption of points

Our key collaborators:

Through our relentless efforts, we have forged partnerships with esteemed collaborators that are the epitome of excellence. Make the most of your accumulated points by redeeming them with our esteemed partners and receive exclusive vouchers. Each voucher comes with a unique coupon code that can be easily used on the respective partner websites. A few of our partners include Farfetch, Modanisa, Empire Cinemas, Cofe, Key, noon, Careem, and many more.

club karam

Our journey of partnerships doesn’t stop here. We are constantly working hard to expand our network and bring you even more exciting brands and partners to elevate your experience. We have exciting collaborations in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to unveil them to you. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of our new and interesting partners.

Be prepared to be amazed by the exceptional benefits! Join Club Karam today and discover a world of well-deserved perks! Download the app now. 




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