6 ways in which travel will change in our post-pandemic world

Travel was hit hard when COVID-19 hit. With countries shutting down their borders and travel coming to a halt. But slowly and surely, travel is coming back. Restrictions around the world have been relaxed and within the coming months, it’ll become easier to travel.  


6 ways in which travel will be different post-pandemic


Safety precautions

Always make sure you follow safety precautions. Practice social distancing and carry extra disposable facemasks and hand sanitizer with you. You can also use antibacterial wipes to wipe down seats, armrests, trays, and headrests. If you are not feeling well, don’t travel. Airports are taking precautions and conducting temperature checks and if you are found to be sick, you’ll not be allowed to board.


Follow safety precautions


Travel insurance 

We’re all used to avoiding spending a little extra on travel insurance. But in the post-pandemic world, travel insurance is a must. It’ll help you in case you’re flight gets canceled or delayed. In case your baggage gets stole or lost, travel insurance will also cover it. Always make sure you read the fine print before you tick that little box, some airlines don’t cover everything.


Shorter trips

Plan short trips to help make trip planning easier. You never know when a city or town you’re visiting might cut off all flights leaving you stranded. Go to places that are just one direct flight away from your place with no layovers. If you are itching for an adventure, opt for road trips or staycations. 


road trip

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Travel policies

Before visiting any country, it’s important to update yourself with its travel policies. There might be a sudden change in government policies or airport policies and your flight might get canceled or delayed Look up how many days of self-quarantine is needed or not needed. Most countries are opting for 14 days of self-quarantine. You don’t want to end up in a country and spending your entire holiday in self-isolation.


Smarter packing

You should pack lightly, in case you get stranded. No one wants to be stranded and tugging heavy luggage around. Prepare your own packed food and bottled water and bring your own medicines to last for the entire trip. Also, don’t forget to get a health certificate from your government. Some countries will require health certificates if you are coming from a coronavirus hotspot.


Pack lighter and smarter


Airline flexibility

Despite the negativity around the pandemic, something positive has come out of it. Airlines’ rules and regulations will become more relaxed and flexible allowing you to book, postpone, cancel, and get a full refund easily. You will also not lose your existing loyalty program this year, which means you get to enjoy the benefits for longer. 


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