10 ways to be an eco-friendly traveler

To our mother nature, with love!



If you love traveling, you ought to have a soft corner towards nature. It may pain you to see the natural resources dwindling and our environment undergoing massive changes. You may also feel overwhelmed to do your bit towards conserving our beautiful mother nature. We say, yes, you can contribute to reducing your carbon print and that too while doing what you love the most, travel!


Follow these 10 simple steps to be an eco-friendly traveler

Refrain from using disposables.

It is essential to stay hydrated when you travel, however, refrain from using disposable plastic water bottles. Carry your own BPA-free water bottle and keep refilling and reusing it. The same goes with your coffee cup, instead of drinking it off the disposable cups, you can carry your favorite mug and build many more memories with it.

Use public transport.

Public transport reduces the amount of fuel consumed per person as compared to traveling in a car, therefore, make a conscious decision and opt for public transportation whenever possible. An added advantage, in this case, is the experience of living like a local and traveling like one too!

Public Transport

Carry your own bag.

If you tend to buy local things while traveling, then make it a point to carry your own reusable bags to avoid usage of plastic bags.

Reusable Bag

Pack light.

We understand that your travel wardrobe needs to be worn and flaunted, but ensure that you pack light. Heavy luggage will lead to higher carbon emissions, therefore, pack only the necessities.

Pack light

Use hotel resources judiciously.

While living in the hotel, ensure that you use the resources judiciously. Switch off the AC and lights when you step out. Reuse your towels, bed covers, and blankets instead of giving it to laundry every day. Avail housekeeping only when it is extremely necessary.

Hotel towels

Book non-stop flights.

The flights consume large amounts of fuel while taking off and landing, therefore by taking non-stop flights, you are contributing to the lesser carbon footprint.


Treat local flora and fauna respectfully.

Every place that you visit has its unique flora and fauna, which plays a vital role in balancing their eco-system. While trekking, scuba diving or exploring new places ensure that flora and fauna are not harmed in any way.

Local flora and fauna

Leave no trace.

Whenever you leave a place of travel, aim to leave it better than you found it. You can do so by following a no litter policy. Take it a step ahead and pick up stray garbage pieces and dispose of them at designated places.

Buy all things local.

While traveling, if you purchase local goods, it not only helps the local businesses but also helps in reducing carbon emissions. Are you wondering how? Well, the fact that the products are local means that they have not been transported from other locations, thus no carbon emissions were required. Hence, it is vital to make sure to eat local produce and buy souvenirs that are local to the destination.

Local goods

Give back whenever you can.

It is crucial to appreciate our mother nature and give back whenever possible. Enroll yourself in a volunteer program that helps the environment at your holiday location. A few hours out of your itinerary will not only help our nature but also enrich your vacation through interaction with local people and their eco-system. We say it is an ideal way of ending your vacation!


This #WorldEnvironmentDay vow to be an eco-friendly traveler and play a role in safeguarding our nature.


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