Rantings of a Poetess who Travels


If I could write it in prose, I would. But somethings are too deep to be described in paragraphs but it’s absolutely impossible to not write about them because they come from such force from the depths of your heart that you can’t sit still unless you have put them in words. And that’s when I turn to poetry.


Lessons learnt from Travelling in five Stanzas 


We all find our own truths


travel not because the world awaits you

but because we are all born seekers of truth

and truth is not one thing that can be found in one place

rather it is one thing that you will find in all places



Wherever I travel, I’m born again


I wander into unknown alleys

I run on dusty paths

my shoes are all worn out

but my mind has been reborn



Wordsworth, I owe it to you


blame Wordsworth

for making me sing odes to nature

once I came across his poetry in a school textbook

I’ve been a traveller since then (both in mind and body)



We are all one with this world


I seek not myself

but you who is me

for the traveller knows

the world is but one single entity



Your scars are your landscapes


does the earth call

its landscapes


why should we?


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