Indonesia: A Shopaholic’s Delight

Every country has places where you can shop to your heart’s content without burning a hole in your pocket. You just have to know where to go and of course, how to bargain. Indonesia is a beautiful country where you can buy more for less without worrying about your bank balance. Go through our list of best places to shop in Indonesia for an amazing shopping experience.


5 Best Places to Shop in Indonesia


Pasar Cibaduyut

footwear-1838767_1280If you’re a shopaholic who loves to hoard shoes and other leather goods, then this market is a blessing for you. Located in the neighborhood of Cibaduyut in Badung, Pasar Cibaduyut serves good quality goods exhibiting flawless craftsmanship at bargain prices. If you would like something made exclusively for you, you can even tell the craftsman your preferences and see your imagination come to life in front of you as most of the products here are handcrafted.


Pasar Baru

Street Cloth Shopping

Pasar Baru translates to new market. However, being established sometime during the 1,800s it’s one of the oldest functioning markets in the capital city of Jakarta. You can buy a range of goods including textiles, clothes, accessories, antiques, electronics and so on.


Pasar Tanah Abang


This is one of the oldest and best traditional markets in Indonesia. You can get amazing products at affordable prices particularly if you’re buying in wholesale. In fact, the products are so good that they are even outsourced from here to be sold online and other places.


Pasar Gede Solo

Pasar Gede SoloThis is a historically as well as culturally significant market in Solo, Central Java and is popular for being a great culinary centre. A distinctive blend of European architecture, Javanese décor, and Chinese setting give it an unusual aura. It’s a perfect place to satiate the shopaholic in you while enjoying an incredible cultural fusion.


Pasar Triwindu

Antique market Indonesia

This market in Solo dates back to 1939. It is the best place to find a wonderful collection of antique goods ranging from home décor, old currencies, batik stamps, old motorcycle parts, dagger of keris and much more. It even has a website in English that gives complete information about the sellers and products that makes it very easy for foreign travelers to shop here.



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