Where Gardens Blossom To Sow The Seeds Of Beauty In Your Heart


Getting lost in nature is always a soothing experience. Though there is no doubt that the natural beauty of forests and wilderness is incomparable, there are times when humans have successfully molded nature to create masterpieces of art without devastating the nature. Gardens around the world are one of those marvelous masterpieces. And who doesn’t like a leisurely walk in a beautiful garden full of vibrant flowers and trees.


World’s 5 Most Beautiful Gardens


Keukenhof, Lisse, The Netherlands

Keukenhof is considered to be the largest and one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Due to its large size and mesmerizing beauty, it is often referred to as “Garden of Europe”.

KeukenhofWhat’s special?

Other than tulips, the garden is full of lilies, hyacinths, and daffodils. Moreover, every year it has a new theme with sculptures and artworks made of flowers reflecting the theme. You can also take a boat ride in the lake situated at the middle of the park.

For Children:

This garden has a lot of options for children too. They can enjoy in the playground, petting zoo, maze and also take part in the scavenger hunt.

When to visit?

The garden is open for public from March to May as this is the time when tulips which are the main flowers in Keukenhof are in their enchanting glory.


Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa

It is not only the most beautiful garden in Africa but also the world’s first botanical garden devoted solely to the native flora of the country.

kirstenbosch-botanical-gardens-3284080_1280What’s special?

The garden is also a nature reserve with many species of birds calling it home. You can also take a themed walk inside the garden, pay a visit to an artist exhibition or just admire the beauty of lilies, conebushes, daisies, and fynbos.

When to visit?

The park is open every year from September to April.


Claude Monet Gardens, Giverny, France

The garden is named after the renowned artist, Monet. It is believed that he found most of his inspiration for his art in these gardens.

Claude Monet GardensWhat’s special?

The garden has beautiful paths dotted with trees, plants and flowers of different varieties. Some of the flowers that bloom in this garden are carnations, roses, poppies, pansies, bellflowers, sweet pea, and blue thistle.

When to visit?

The garden is open for public visit from 29th March to 1st November.


Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California

This garden is a perfect place to visit for those who are looking for a unique garden experience. It houses over 14,000 varieties of plants in 12 different gardens.

cactus-2145231_1280What’s special?

It’s one of a kind Desert Garden in the world with countless cactus plants –different species from the oldest to the newest; from the biggest to the smallest.

When to visit?

It’s open all year round except on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Independence Day.


Nong Nooch Gardens, Chonburi, Thailand

Nong Nooch Gardens of Thailand are an admirable amalgamation of various types of gardens ranging from French gardens to Asian Gardens and from Pottery gardens to Butterfly gardens.

nong-nooch-1982483_1280What’s special?

These gardens are always changing. Architectural shapes and lines, and swirls and twirls fill the gardens giving it a different touch.

When to visit?

It remains open throughout the year.

Live your garden dream and get inspired in these lovely gardens.


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