Spring Blossoms! The Top Favorite Destinations for a Family Holiday is Revealed.

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” - PB Shelley

And the Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast  
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.

These lines by the renowned poet PB Shelley speak volumes about the anticipation of spring. The winter can be bone-chilling, the autumn can be gloomy, and the summer can be hot. And spring? Spring is a blend of colorful hues always. Time to rejoice as spring holidays are here.

Well, now assume your presence in the midst of nature, warm sunshine, and unclouded skies. The imagination itself is fantastic and makes us feel as if we’re in heaven. Isn’t it?  If yes, plan a spring gateway with your family to these amazing destinations and witness the spring bloom.

Take a look at some spectacular spring holidays destination that welcome you with warm sunshine, azure waters and unclouded skies.

Rome – Not Built in a Day


There’s a long list of things you can do in Rome. Well, if your idea of a spring vacation involves haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art, and vibrant street life, this city has your name on it.

Things to do during Spring Holidays in Rome:

Visit the Rose Garden: Overlooking Circus Maximus, the Roseto Comunale is in full bloom in spring. Only open from April 21st to 19 June, there is a limited window to explore the small but expertly designed rose garden.

Row a boat in Villa Borghese: Villa Borghese Park is perfect for springtime picnics, and if you really want to take advantage of the season, you can also rent a boat.

Rock out on May 1st: Primo Maggio, the 1st of May, is Labour Day – a major public holiday in Italy. The best way to ring Labour Day is to head to Piazza San Giovanni for Italy’s largest free music festival.

London – Chase Your Dreams

London in Spring

Bustling streets! Hot jazz! Unforgettable cuisine! Ivy-Covered townhouses, trendy nightclubs, and Creole cottages make for a backdrop like no other. Are you ready to step outside and enjoy the spring air and cherry blossoms? Then what are you waiting for?  Book London flights and explore the enchanting beauty of London.

Things to do during Spring Holidays in London:

Puppet festival – For a pleasant day out, attend Covent Garden’s May Fayre and Puppet Festival. Not only is Covent Garden one of the most beautiful London attractions to see, but it also boasts of one of the most exciting festivals.

London film and music festival – If you’re into films and music, then the Sundance London Film and Music Festival are apt places for you! There are special screenings of films and musical acts that will guarantee you a brilliant day. Meet filmmakers and perhaps a celebrity!

St George’s day- St George’s day in London is a great opportunity to join in with the locals and feel the British spirit. Visit Trafalgar Square on April 23rd to experience the festive fun of St George’s day. The free events include food, drinks, and music- ready to satisfy all.

Prague – A Day in the City of a Hundred Spires


Prague offers everything you might want on a spring break. A lesser-known but no less appealing former fishing village in the Czech Republic province has amazing beaches and wallet-friendly prices.

Things to do during Spring Holidays in Prague:

Prague Spring Festival – The Czech capital breathes culture, and this may be observed in its many interpretive centers, museums, theatres, and other places of worship to artistic value, but if we have to highlight the supreme art in Prague, that is MUSIC.

Stroll across the city to get your fix of green – A city like Prague, where the hills and neighborhoods are filled with vegetation, looks especially beautiful in spring season. So, plan a day to stroll across the city.

Walk across Charles Bridge- A stroll across the Charles Bridge during spring is an absolute must for first-time visitors. Stroll across the Charles Bridge to take in views, and return at night for a magical atmosphere, musical performances, and the sight of Prague Castle shining brightly against the night sky.

Barcelona – Football in Every Breath


The best time to visit Barcelona is spring as various events are held allowing visitors to enjoy to the fullest. From excellent football matches at the famous Camp Nou stadium to plenty of music and traditional festivals, Barcelona has no shortage of things to do in spring.

Things to do during Spring Holidays in Barcelona:

Experience the magic of Espiritu de Montjuïc – Whether you’re a car enthusiast or not, Espiritu de Montjuïc is a great way to have fun with the family while taking a visit to the city’s past. This three-day event takes you back in time to when the Montjuïc track was filled with classic cars and a magical atmosphere.

Feel the romance on Sant Jordi’s Day – Barcelona becomes a city full of books, flowers, and romance on the day of Sant Jordi (Saint George), a celebration similar to Valentine’s Day. April 23rd marks the day of Sant Jordi’s death, and the festivities turn the city red and yellow for the whole day in honor of the patron Saint of Catalonia.

Witness the Barcelona Grand Prix – Barcelona becomes the center of the racing world in May with the Santander Spanish Grand Prix making for an adrenaline-filled weekend.

Brussels – Belgium’s Historic Capital with a Hip Attitude


One of the best seasons to visit Brussels is definitely spring.  As the days get longer, the weather can either be cold or too warm. Visitors can indulge in one of the many terraces to enjoy a drink and admire the amazing Brussels sunsets.

Things to do during Spring Holidays in Brussels:

Hallerbos- Millions of bluebells blossom to create a magical blue carpet that covers the floor of the whole beech forest. Check in early morning at Hallerbos or at night when the smell of the blossoms is at it’s strongest.

Hasselt’s Japanese Garden– This is the largest Japanese garden in Europe. It is an ideal place to walk around, meditate and contemplate nature. In the spring, the garden becomes magical thanks to its 250 cherry trees in bloom.

International Rose Garden of Coloma– Established in 1995, this beautiful rose garden with over 3,000 varieties of roses and 30,000 rose bushes is one of the most magical places in Belgium and one of the best-kept secrets in the country. The garden is divided into various sections and is situated next to the Coloma Castle, a 16th-century fortress.

Venice – The City of Love


Venice – a romantic and enchanting city of turquoise canals, ancient palaces and serenading gondoliers. The moonlit gondola ride or soothing your soul at an orchestral symphony, Venice promises to dazzle you with its artistic flair in spring.

Things to do during Spring Holidays in Venice:

Grand Canal Gondola ride- Take in Venice’s magnificent architecture on a romantic gondola ride. This will go along the Grand Canal during spring season. The ride makes for a fantastic tour with the gondoliers pointing out different points of interest.

Piazza San Marco- Also called  St. Mark’s Square, this is a rare vast space in a city with narrow passageways and canals. During spring, visitors can experience magical atmosphere and pleasant music in the open area of Piazza San Marco.

Indulge in the Art show – Venice is a city of culture, and houses exceptional art works in all forms. Orchestral performance at one of the grand concert halls promises a highlight of your spring break in Venice.

Well, wave goodbye to humdrum and head to the world’s most beautiful destinations on a spring vacation. Spark something in your inner adventurer and experience the very best of springtime sailing.

                                                  Happy Spring Holidays! Time for a Family Vacation!

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