10 Things to Do for Free in Riyadh


Want to have a good time in Riyadh on a budget? Or, even better, for nothing? For you, we have the ideal activities. This list includes everything, whether you’re looking for a cultural excursion or a desert adventure. Therefore, leave your cash and cards at home because these are the top 10 free places to visit in Riyadh.

Budget Friendly Places in Riyadh

The Fun & Free Riyadh


Spend a Virtual Day at Riyadh Digital City

In Riyadh, Riyadh Digital City is among the most picturesque areas. Although it is mostly a bustling, business-oriented monument, it is a beautiful place to wander. One of the finest free things to do in Riyadh is to visit Digital City, which is known for its food trucks, coffee shops, and restaurants.

City lights of Riyadh
The lights & colors of Riyadh city!


Explore Riyadh’s Hidden Canyon

Looking for more free activities in Riyadh? This hidden gem is the ideal location to take some Instagram-worthy pictures. If you’re lucky, it will be filled with water; otherwise, you will find it empty during the dry months. In either case, it’s a terrific place to go and have a picnic when you want a quiet and unstructured day out.

Light through the mountains
Sunset in Riyadh


Stroll Through Souq Al Owais

Are you unsure about where to begin in Riyadh’s souks? Your needs are met by this lovely open market. Upon first glance, it may appear that this souk exclusively sells opulent gold and silver jewelry, but upon closer look, you’ll discover an abundance of magnificent bishts, abaya shops, textiles, and little booths that provide practically anything from food to clothing. Explore infinite stores and vast alleys to re-experience the traditional Saudi market. It offers a wealth of culture and history and is among the top free things to do in Riyadh.

Souq Al Owais
A Souq which has almost everything!


Visit One of the Finest Malls: Riyadh Gallery Mall

Riyadh Gallery Mall has a fantastic location and exquisite interior design. Major attractions are the fountains and the man-made lake. The majority of the multinational brands that attract both locals and tourists every day of the week are housed there. Weekends and evenings are very busy. Shoppers from the area primarily come to the Hyper-panda supermarket. Sparky’s is the best spot for kids to have a fun-filled day.


Offer Your Prayers at King Khalid Grand Mosque

The mosque is a magnificent white building with glass accents that has eye-catching interiors that are worth exploring. One of the finest architectural wonders, the King Khalid Grand Mosque draws its inspiration from Byzantine and mosaic art. The King Khalid mosque is a huge dome with elaborate stained glass ornaments covering it, and it has detailed Quran designs on the walls. Spend some time relaxing in the quiet tranquility of the wonderful Islamic religion while taking a break from your busy routine.


Admire the Scenery at Wadi Namar Waterfall

One of the top attractions in Saudi Arabia to take in the picturesque splendor of the country’s captivating nature is Wadi Namar, a beautiful waterfall sitting in the middle of a desert. Massive palm palms surround this paradise, providing a tranquil natural setting for picnics. While at Wadi Namar you can:

  • Take some pictures of the beautiful Wadi Namar Waterfall.
  • Picnic in style among the fall rocks.
  • Have a BBQ with your closest friends beside the waterfalls.
  • View a stunning sunset beside the imposing waterfall.


Take a Peaceful Stroll at Wadi Hanifa

Take a break from your hectic travel and enjoy the captivating greenery of Wadi Hanifa, a long, narrow valley that rises to 120 meters and is a popular tourist destination in Riyadh. In addition to being a renowned trekking destination, this valley draws many adventurers from around the world.

Wadi Hanifa
A thriving natural oasis

Visitors are recommended to be kind and take pleasure in the popular Arabic cuisine as they pass through three enormous bustling communities. In addition, these lovely stretches are a favorite destination for picnics and fishing outings. The ideal place to experience nature’s majestic verdant canopies, plenty of migratory birds, and wealthy fauna and flora worth investigating on a nature-based recreational expedition are Wadi Hanifah.


Learn about Riyadh’s Rich History at Masmak Fortress

A sizable fort that is a testament to the nation’s lengthy history is located in the center of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You will learn about the fortress’ long history of battles while seeing one of Saudi Arabia’s top tourist destinations. You may view a vast variety of items in Masmak Fortress. The entrance is reached by the first flight of stairs, where you can view the enormous gate that was allegedly raised in the nineteenth century.

  • Enjoy the public exhibition of Saudi Arabian maps and photographs from 1912 to 1937 that is on show in the museum.
  • Discover the region’s history through audio-visual presentations, a variety of priceless historical items, and other pieces of fine art.
  • Visitors can view a brief documentary that depicts King Abdulaziz’s historic siege of the stronghold, which ultimately resulted in the unity of Saudi Arabia.


Visit a 3D Exhibition at the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

Visit the Royal Saudi Air Force museum, one of the popular tourist destinations in Riyadh, to see the detailed and astounding engineering behind these enormous aircraft. You can take a tour of this historical museum to see the flawless power of Riyadh’s air force from the 1920s to the present. 

Saudia Lockheed L-1011 Tristar gate guard
Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

Upon entering, visitors must pass through a sizable gallery that displays uniforms, weapons, and model airplanes from the air force. A 3D exhibition with moving chairs and captivating visuals designed to let you delve further into the science of aircraft engineering is also available to tourists. While this attraction is free for kids, adults have to pay just 10 SAR for entry.


Spend Your Evening at Al Nahda Park

Tourists and residents who visit Al-Nahda Park frequently opt to take family picnics under the enormous palm palms that are abundant there or plan a family or an individual picture shoot in the great outdoors. This park is among the most varied of all; it contains a jungle gym for children if you want to stay in shape, scooters for adults, or you can just relax and enjoy the magnificent environment. Visitors will often stroll along the wooden benches in the evenings with a buddy and speak while sipping coffee or tea.

Al Nahda Park
Take a stroll around the park

Riyadh, which tops the list of Saudi Arabia’s tourism destinations, extends a kind welcome to visitors. The above list of 10 free places to visit in Riyadh would have surely sparked your interest to visit them at the earliest. Check out our best deals and book your travel now. Fly to this perfect winter vacation destination and save up to 25 USD on flights and get up to 12% off on hotels. Use code: SAUDI to grab this deal.

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