Win The Amazing Crystal Maze Prize at Riyadh Season

Saudi Arabia has astounded the world with its home-grown arts, culture, and sporting events, happening in this year’s Riyadh Season. After days of alternating between close-downs and reopenings, Saudi welcomed the world to witness one of the greatest shows ever, the Riyadh Season 2021. We have brought all the zones, highlights, and exclusive offers together. Have a close look at it here

The Season, spanning over 5 months, has been visited by 8 million people so far! 

It’s quite surprising to know that you aren’t amongst them! Many events have already come to an end, but more interesting ones are still ON, including the Crystal Maze show.

The Crystal Maze will be open till 2nd February 2022. Yes, just a few more days!

Back Again

The legendary cult of the 90s is back in action! Crystal Maze, the game show based in the UK was a huge hit in Saudi Arabia when it was telecasted on Channel 2, during the early 1990s and 2000s. The show is back in Riyadh Season, but this time offering a live and immersive experience for the public. Get ready to test your agility and courage in one of the world’s largest interactive problem-solving events! 

Crystal Maze in the 90s
Crystal Maze in the 90s

Know more about Crystal Maze

It is a British game show conceived by Jacques Antoine. The contestants of the show attempt various challenges to earn time that helps them complete the final challenge, which wins them a prize for the successful completion. The entire show is themed around challenges set to different time periods in human history. The show is notable for its time crystals that are given as a reward for each challenge, successfully completed. 

It was a popular show during the 90s and had 6 series aired between 1990 and 1995. In 2016, the Crystal Maze Live Experience opened, which was a replica of the original show, where the common people could get inside and compete in the show’s zones and challenges. 

The show that has been going on in this year’s Riyadh Season, in Boulevard Riyadh City Zone, has been described as the world’s largest maze experience of its kind. 

Experience Crystal Maze Live!
Experience Crystal Maze Live!

Did you know that Riyadh Season 2021 has 14 different zones? Find all of them here


The different stages 

The maze is divided into 4 main areas – Aztec, future, industrial, and medieval, each containing eight rooms, and guests will spend a total of 15 minutes in each zone. The show has brought 32 amazing and varied experiences. It also includes 6 new Saudi experiences, added for the first time in the history of the event. 

A number of mystery games, puzzles, and skills are waiting for the visitors. The event also includes games based on intelligence, speed of intuition, and behavior. The Crystal Maze allows visitors to participate in different ways, individually and as a team. With each one isolated from others, it creates an exceptional feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness. 

The immersive experiences at Crystal Maze
The immersive experiences at Crystal Maze

Services and facilities

The Crystal Maze is managed by a team that’s passionate about making the event exciting for the visitors of Riyadh season 2021. Right from the check-in, the visitors are looked after well. The safe lockers are in place to deposit their personal belongings. They can have their favorite drinks from the Crystal Cafe during the waiting period and will get a chance to document their experiences by taking and printing a number of photos. They can also shop from a store dedicated to the maze. The entire event has been made wheelchair accessible too.

The exciting segments in Crystal Maze
The exciting segments in Crystal Maze


Ticket Price & Regulations


Price including VAT: 150 SAR
  • Access only for vaccinated individuals.
  • They must show their status on the Tawakkalna app.
  • Includes Boulevard ( BLVD ) entry.

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