Why taking a sabbatical is a good idea?

A sabbatical is a break that you take from your work. It’s a concept that has already gained popularity in the west and is slowly making its way to the other parts of the world as well. There are days in our lives when we want to leave everything and just go somewhere. But then we realize that we can’t because we are bound by certain responsibilities. But a sabbatical allows you to take that break. You can travel anywhere you like for a duration of a few weeks to few months (depending on your wish and your company policy) and live the best days of your life.


Top 5 Reasons to Take A Sabbatical

Learn a new skill


You can use your time away from work to learn a new skill that otherwise would not have been possible such as surfing, learning a new language, learning to cook the local cuisine of the country you’re visiting and so on. The best part about taking a sabbatical is that you no longer have to worry about your work responsibilities, and you can solely focus on picking up a skill while you enjoy in your dream destination.

Dedicate your time to your hobbies and interests


There are so many people in the world struggling to make time for a particular interest or hobby. With a full-time-job, keeping up with a hobby can get a little too much. Sometimes, you need to shift the gears of your life and change priorities to write that book, to finish that art project, to start your own business, etc. because you know that it’s worth it. And if not now, when? Life is going to slip away from the palm of your hands, and you would be standing on a mound of regrets of the things you wanted to do but couldn’t. So, take a break, travel to that place and do that thing that you’ve always dreamed about.



So often we forget that life is so much more beyond your achievements, promotions, designations, and the usual route that you take to reach your workplace every day. Go on an extended break and just relax. Rejuvenate your body, mind, and slow. Slow down for some days and just let everything be. Just be focused on your physical and emotional well being.

Broaden your horizons

local agriculture

Let the world unfold before you. We get so busy with our routine life that we tend to let the beauty of this world go unnoticed. Take a sabbatical and go on a staycation. You need to spend a certain amount of time in a place to develop a deeper bond with its people and surroundings. Don’t go as a tourist. It defeats the purpose of a sabbatical. If you really want to make yourself aware of what a tiny space you and your problems occupy in this big wide world, then go on an unplanned adventure to a remote place and try to bond with local people and engage in their culture. You’d get to know a lot more than you can imagine.



And last but not least, enjoy. Enjoy while you still can. Though it might seem risky to spend your savings on a long break, and taking a sabbatical itself is risky, but it’s worth it in every way. We were not born just to work, work, and work. Life is meant to be enjoyed. There’s no harm in taking a break to enjoy some of your hard earned money. Let’s take a sabbatical and do everything we can’t when we are obliged to dedicate nine hours of our everyday life to our work.


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