Riyadh Season 2022 – Bigger & Better Zones Await

Riyadh Season 2022, launched in October 2022, has been the much anticipated event in the Middle East! It is one of the flagship events hosted by the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia. 

To fulfill its motto of ‘Beyond Imagination,’ every season brings out of the world experiences and events. With more than 14 zones open for Riyadh Season, this year is definitely a level-up on entertainment. Let’s look at each of these zones and their offerings so you can make a choice as to which zone you first want to visit! If you want to score some amazing discounts on the Riyadh Season event tickets, stay tuned to this page. 

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Explore the Venues of Riyadh Season 2022


Riyadh Season 2022


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland brings in millions of visitors worldwide each year and its 2x size this year promises you happy memories while riding rides with both young and old. Witness the world’s longest movable roller coaster, “Sky Loop,” debut and skate around the biggest outdoor ice rink that has a fantastic lightning-air balloon in the center.

Riyadh Season Winter Wonderland


Boulevard World

Transport yourself to the US, France, Britain, Greece, India, China, Spain, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, and Italy simultaneously in Boulevard World. The markets, cuisines, and arts from various parts of this world will all be on display. 

The Boulevard World is divided into nine sub-zones each dedicated to a theme. The sub-zones are: The Musical Fountain, The Square, The Garden, Trocadero (modeled after Coventry Street in London), The Music Area, The Avalanche, The Theatre Area, The Studio Area, and finally The Sports Area. 

Riyadh Season - Boulevard


Boulevard Riyadh City

One of the largest zones during the season is Boulevard Riyadh City.

Boulevard Riyadh City has hosted various events, including international gaming competitions like Crystal Maze and performances by artists like Stray Kids and Kadim Saher in the previous seasons. This year, the sub-areas are three times as big, and each one offers a distinctive selection of sights to see, restaurants to eat at, activities to participate in, events to attend, and shops to shop at.


Souq Al Zal

When you first begin driving around Riyadh, you might mistakenly believe it consists solely of skyscrapers and megamalls.

Souq Al-Zal, Riyadh’s oldest historic market, is a testimony to the Kingdom’s glorious history and culture.

The zone will be hosting musical performances and folk dances against a backdrop of gorgeous architecture of Souq Al-Zal. You also indulge in some shopping for some hand-knotted carpets, gleaming swords, hooked daggers, and enigmatic perfumes from far-off lands. Fridays and Saturdays are special as the asr (afternoon) prayers are followed by a live outdoor antique auction. 

Riyadh Season - Souq Al Zal


Riyadh Zoo

The Riyadh Zoo that first opened in 1987 is home to more than 1300 animals and 190 species living in 6 sub-zones.  Every sub-zone provides a distinctive experience. The Zoo also has a state-of-the-art relax zone with facilities like coffee shops, kiosks, restaurant, restrooms, a Romanian theater, 5D Cinema, fountain, conservation center, and more 20,000 assorted trees and flowers. 

Riyadh Season - Riyadh Zoo


Suwaidi Park

Al-Suwaidi Park hosts a weekly festival highlighting the traditions of Bangladesh, Sudan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The zone aims to familiarize attendees with the respective countries’ music, performances, folk dances, and customs by hosting various events, including weekly bazaars representing multiple cultures, artistic performances, and live music on the zone’s main stage on the weekends.

The events can be enjoyed through outdoor seating arrangements and entertaining games can be enjoyed in the Spirit of Adventure section.

Riyadh Season - Suwaidi Park


The Groves

This Riyadh Season zone stands out for its luxurious fusion with idyllic surroundings. With an open-air architecture (outdoor/indoor) brimming with style and vigor, this zone offers various dining, shopping, and entertainment options during the fall and winter seasons.

Additionally, it observes several annual occasions like Halloween, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve, World Vegan Day, National Nachos Day, and more.


Riyadh Front

Riyadh Front offers more than just the opportunity to take beautiful photos and appreciate the magnificent architecture. The zone is a perfect place to connect and enjoy with your family and friends. The Riyadh Motor Show, the Saudi Anime Show, and the Jewelry Exhibition will be some of the biggest exhibitions held during the Riyadh Season.


Via Riyadh

It’s time to reward yourself with self-care and indulgence because you’ve come this far; trust us, you deserve it. A neighborhood that is in keeping with the culture of the residents of Riyadh and is designed in the Salmani style.

There are seven opulent movie theaters, numerous restaurants, cafes, and boutiques—all of which are firsts for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia—and The St. Regis Riyadh, one of the most well-known five-star hotels.


Al Murabba

This wonderful area is primarily devoted to the arts and prioritizes diversity while celebrating it.

The square surrounding the old Al-Murabba Palace is covered in greenery. These trees are decorated with lights, and various decorative pillars illuminate the palace’s historical corners.

The Al-Murabba area has plentiful international eateries and cafes. Well-known chefs from nations like the United States of America, Italy, Japan, Argentina, and France work in these establishments. The area also hosts live music performances, multiple exhibits in the stores that sell Saudi brands, and walking paths surrounded by gardens with illuminated trees and fountains.


Riyadh Sky

Sky Riyadh will provide a dinner service suspended in the air during the Riyadh Season 2022. One of the city’s most-loved photo ops could emerge from this brand-new Riyadh Season zone.

There are several places where visitors can get a bird’s-eye view of Riyadh city, including the skyscraper. While dining at the many restaurants in this zone you can gaze out over the city and take in its breathtaking scenery.


Qariyat Zaman

Come Riyadh Season, and Qariyat adorns a charming and nostalgic feel. It honors the growth and accomplishments made by modern Saudi Arabia and the nation’s enduring allure. This place enables us to relive our happy past experiences and the good old days of the 1980s and 1990s.

Numerous age-old games, strolling performances, and real refreshments will be available.

Traditional Saudi music will keep you entertained, and you can view iconic Saudi artwork in the heritage village.


Fan Festival

Football fans are welcome to polish their game skills in the Fan Festival area. Watching the games on one of the stadium’s three enormous screens while also taking in the live performances that are going on throughout the arena is how you can fully experience the football tournament at Riyadh Season.

A wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops will help you complete your celebrations.


Little Riyadh

Little Riyadh, which is located in the Diplomatic Quarter, has the potential to give visitors a personal and distinctive experience within the city.

This venue holds a variety of entertaining activities, such as live musical performances, a farmers market with local goods, and several workshops. The zone will also offer yoga and aerobics classes in addition to these.

With such amazing zones, you cannot miss out on visiting these amazing events! So, get moving and booking the tickets now. 


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