Proverbs From Around the World to Enlighten Your Day


Proverbs found in all corners of the world are a proof that every culture is a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. They don’t just show you the right direction but also offer practical advice that needs to be followed to win in life. Let’s have a look at some of the enlightening proverbs from around the world to remind ourselves of the practical life skills that we so often tend to forget.


5 Proverbs from Around the World



Swedish proverb: Don’t let grass grow on your feet.

Meaning: In life, it is important to always keep moving and try different things.




Italian proverb: He who has a head of wax must not walk in the sun.

Meaning: Be aware of your weakness.




Korean proverb: Even in a mouse hole, the light shines.

Meaning: There is a bright side to every bad situation.




Arabic proverb: Those who don’t know a falcon will eat it.

Meaning: You should know the value of things you have lest you might end up losing them forever.




Chinese proverb: You won’t help new plants grow by pulling them.

Meaning: Have patience. Rushing things never helps.

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