New Year’s Madness Around The World


New Year is just around the corner. Before we step into 2019 let’s have a look at how New Year is celebrated in different parts of the world. While celebrating with fireworks and floating lamps is common, there are some weird traditions around the world associated with New Year’s Eve.


5 Weird New Year’s Traditions


New Year’s Tradition in Ecuador

equadorEcuadorians welcome New Year by setting fire to the scarecrows that are filled with paper at the strike of 12 on the clock. Not only scarecrows, even photographs representing things belonging to the past year are also burnt on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that doing so will prevent all kinds of ill fortunes from the past year to enter into the New Year. That’s an unique New Year’s Tradition.


New Year’s Tradition in Philippines

PhilippinesIn Philippines, it is a common belief to use as many round objects as possible on the New Year. Round things are considered to be symbolic of coins and wealth and using them on New Year’s Day is thought to bring prosperity.


New Year’s Tradition in Denmark

denmarkNew Year is celebrated by smashing crockery outside the doors of dear ones as a way of showing affection for them. Danish people save unused plates all year round to break them on New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Tradition in Spain

spainSpaniards have a challenge to overcome on New Year’s Eve. They have to stuff 12 grapes in their mouth; a grape for each ring of the bell. Whoever succeeds is believed to be lucky for the entire year.


New Year’s Tradition in Japan

japanJapanese follow Buddhist tradition of ringing bells 108 times on New Year’s Eve to cast out all sins. They also believe that to invite good fortune into your life you should welcome the New Year with smiles and laughter.

How is New Year celebrated in your country? Are there any particular New Year’s Tradition?


  1. Bashira Dalal

    Thanks for giving me this new new traditions, this is the first time I hear it. i like the Philippines New Year’s Tradition

    1. Monalisha Mallick

      Glad you like it. Do you know some weird or unusual New Year tradition?

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