Happy Women’s Day

Celebrating the Spirit of Women


Let’s celebrate the International Women’s Day with these 7 female travel bloggers, vloggers, and influencers who have defied convention to undertake awe-inspiring journeys.

Fuel your Wanderlust – Top 7 Women Travelers to Follow


Nadya Hasan (@thefierce_nay)

Fierce Nay

A young UAE national, Nadya Hasan has a flair for fashion, style, luxury and travel. Her Insta posts are amazing.

Raha Moharrak (@rahamoharrak)

Raha Moharrak

She is the first woman from Saudi Arabia to conquer Mount Everest – this introduction is enough to tell you the kind of empowerment and inspiration, Raha Moharrak brings on through her social media.

Haifa Beseisso (@flywithhaifa)


A humanitarian at heart, Hafia travels the world and let’s the world know about it through her video blogs and YouTube channel. The highlight of her videos are she enquires about the dream of locals of every country she visits. Check her “What is your dream?” segment and I am sure you would be bold over by the answers she receives, they are inspiring and uplifting.

Sally (@passportandplates)


With expertise on Egypt and Sudan, Sally’s travel stories would make you hungry for food and the places too. She has a strong inclination for culture and food.

Kareemah (@hijabiglobetrotter)

Hijabi Globe trotter

She travels and connects with people and tells their stories through her YouTube channel and social media accounts. Food is also there as she is a big foodie and doesn’t hesitate to try the local dishes.

Nada Al Nahdi (@nadaalnahdi)

Nada Al Nahdi

With a Yemeni Passport, Nada has gone lengths to secure visas. But nothing has stopped her wanderlust spirit and she already has explored many destinations in Africa, Asia & Europe.

Amanda (@marocmama)


Her daily life routine and stories is what her successful blog is all about. She writes about the gorgeous patterns and the amazing cuisine of Morocco. Amanda has also visited the USA & Europe. She owns a company “Marrakech Food Tours”. Her mission is to make every person visiting Marrakech taste the real food of the city.

Who is your travel inspiration?


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