Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 24

Malaysian Folktale: The Story of the Coconut Tree

Once upon a time in an old town in Malaysia lived a mysterious old man. It was believed that he had lived for almost a thousand years and was one of the wisest people on earth. He lived in a seaside cave where many people visited him to receive a solution to their problems.

One morning, a young man visited him. The man said, “Wise old man, please tell me how can I be useful to people for all my life?”

The old man gave him a magic box and told him to make sure that he doesn’t open it before reaching home else something will happen.

The young man thanked him and left. When he came out of the cave, his curiosity grew, and without paying heed to the warning, he opened the box. As soon as he opened the box, he turned into a tall coconut tree. He received his punishment for not adhering to the old man’s instructions.

In the end, he still got his wish fulfilled as a coconut tree is quite useful to people

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