Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 22

Tibetan Folktale: The Garden of Eden and The Man’s Greed

A long time ago, when the Eden garden existed, a man came upon it by chance and decided to explore this beautiful heaven on earth. He was dazzled by the garden as it had everything delicious such as fruits, cakes, cookies, candies, and many other things. He was mesmerized by its beauty and luxury, and it was only a matter of seconds that greed overtook him. The man thought if he could stay here forever, then he wouldn’t have to work a day in his life.

The man was exhausted, so he climbed on a tree and made himself comfortable on a study branch to take a nap. Soon he was sound asleep. However, he turned over while asleep and fell into the lake below. A monkey saw him falling and did all he could to get him out of the lake but in vain. The monkey realized that he’s too small and weak to pull the man out, and therefore, he began to exercise every day to become stronger.

When he became stronger, he pulled the man out. But the man felt frail, so the monkey advised him to eat well and exercise. The man regained his health and fell asleep on the ground. But he couldn’t sleep properly as the monkeys kept chattering and leaping from one tree to another. The man thought that it’s a beautiful place to spend my entire life with my family only if there were no monkeys.

After the sundown, when all the monkeys were fast asleep, he shook the trees on which monkeys were sleeping until they fell and died. Quite pleased with what he had done, he set out toward his home to bring his family to stay in this heavenly garden.

Meanwhile, the monkey god was furious because of man’s horrendous deed. He transformed into a colossal snake and swallowed the man.

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