Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 19

Burmese Folktale: Why Snails Never Have Body Ache?

Once upon a time in Burma, a horse was traversing on a road when he saw a snail walking in front of him. He arrogantly asked the snail to move aside as he was way faster than the snail.

Horse’s comment hurt snail, and he replied in his defense, “Snails also run fast but only when it’s a race.”

Hearing the snail’s reply, the horse burst out laughing and challenged him to compete with him the following day.

The snail started preparing for the race. He called all his cousins and said, “Are you aware of the medicinal properties of horseflesh? It is extremely helpful in healing the aching limbs and muscles. Would you all like to have some of it?”
All the cousin snails said yes in unison. The snail continued, “Then, listen to what I have to say carefully.” He went on to disclose his plan of defeating the horse in the race.

The next morning, all the snails queued up on the road with the distance between every snail to be one furlong. In this way, the queue of the snails stretched for miles. However, the distance to be covered was long, and it had taken then all night to walk up to their respective positions due to which they were exhausted and were experiencing severe body ache.

When the horse showed up, the snail told him the rule that was supposed to be followed during the race –both the runners had to call out to each other at each furlong as a proof that they’re still in the race. The horse agreed to the rule, and the race began.

The snail was taking his own sweet time in the race while the horse ran as fast as he could. On reaching the first furlong, he was surprised to see the snail still running in the race. What he could not make out was that the snail running beside him was the cousin snail, not the snail whom he had challenged. It went on for furlong after furlong until the horse fell dead due to excessive running.

Later, all the snails gathered around the dead horse and began digging into the horseflesh to relive their paining muscles and limbs. And to this day, snails never feel pain in any part of their body.


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