Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 18

Indonesian Folktale about the origin of Rawa Pening Lake

Once, a malnourished little boy came to a village. He went around every house in the village in his ragged clothes and asked for food, but everyone turned him away. When he had almost given up hope to even get a handful of rice, an old woman opened the door and provided him shelter and food.

The next day, when the boy prepared to leave, she gave him a lesung, a mortar made of wood to pound rice and said, “If this village is flooded, save yourself by using this lesung as a boat.”

He thanked her and left. On his way, he saw a large group gathered around a field. As he got closer, his gaze fell on a stick that was stuck on the ground, and people were challenging each other to pull it out. Until now, nobody was able to do it.  He stepped forward and successfully pulled out the stick to everyone’s surprise.

All of a sudden, the water began to gush out from the hole which was previously covered by the stick and before anyone could make head or tails of the situation, the whole village was submerged in water. Nobody was exempted from nature’s wrath except the little boy used the lesung as a boat and sailed through the water while picking up the kind old woman on his way.

The village turned into a lake, which is now called Rawa Pening Lake. It’s in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. Be sure to visit it on your trip to Indonesia.

Here’s an sneek peek into the beautiful island country. Take a look.


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