Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 17

A Khmer Folktale from Cambodia

Long long ago in Cambodia, there was a door-keeper by the name of Ream who worked for a millionaire.  Anyone who came to see the millionaire had to seek Ream’s permission before entering the mansion. Ream inquired about the person’s name, address, and reason for visiting and then, allowed the visitor to go inside.

Millionaire loved and trusted his door-keeper the most. So one day, he called Ream and said, “You are now in charge of all the workers and the warehouse. You have to see who is working sincerely and who is not. Your salary is being doubled from today as you are now my spy as well as my door-keeper.”

Ream was quite talkative and often had trouble keeping things to himself. So, he acted true to his nature and told his wife and his about his promotion. His wife was so proud of her husband that she couldn’t contain the joy and spilled the beans. Soon, the news spread like wildfire and everybody came to know that Ream was now the millionaire’s spy. When the news reached the ears of workers and the caretakers of the warehouse, they incited the millionaire to fire Ream on the grounds of his inability to keep secrets.

After losing his job, Ream spent his time at home doing nothing. He had to sell all his property and even his house to pay for daily expenses. His situation got even more miserable day by day and eventually became homeless. He began to seek shelter at his friends’ places. His wife also left and married someone else.

When millionaire heard of Ream’s plight, he took pity on him and appointed him as the house cleaner. One day, three businessmen came to sell a precious diamond to the millionaire. During the conversation between the sellers and the millionaire, it was revealed that the diamond was actually stolen by the chief from the royal treasury and sold to the businessmen. These businessmen had got the diamond cut in different size and shape to hide the truth. The millionaire bought the diamond after being convinced that nobody will be able to recognize that it’s from royal treasure. Ream was cleaning the furniture and heard it all.

After a few days, an art festival was held in the town. Ream went to the festival with a friend and while watching a performance told everything he had heard about the diamond to his friend. Unfortunately, those three businessmen were also present there and overheard the conversation between Ream and his friend. They were scared that their secret might be disclosed if they leave Ream and his friend alive.

When the festival ended, it was already dark. Ream and his friend were walking toward their home. Little did they know that their lives were in danger. The businessmen who were hiding in the bushes came out and killed them.


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