Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 16

Icelandic Folktale: The Sea-Monster

In the olden days in Iceland, there used to be a road between Njardvik and Borgar-fjordur; the road passed through a high mountain that sloped down to a sea. A monster- half man and half beast resided in that mountain in a rocky gulf and attacked anyone who passed through that road after sundown.

Even during the day, a strange sound emanating from the stones used to baffle the travelers, so the route was avoided at all costs. It caused a lot of inconvenience to the people who wanted to travel from Njardvik to Borgar-fjordur and vice versa. So one fine day, a man got so fed up of the monster’s terror he decided to end this once and for all.

The man’s family and friends were worried and tried their best to talk him out of it but in vain. He told everyone, “I’m not afraid of anything. Do not worry about me. Nothing can harm me.”

So he began his journey. As he was travelling through the dangerous path, the sea monster attacked him. He had come prepared and struck it back. The fight lasted for a while until they reached the edge of a cliff. The man didn’t waste even a microsecond and pushed the monster from the cliff. There was a loud sound and then a deep silence.

The man reached Njardvik through the unsurpassable route covered in blood and wounds. He took to bed for almost a month until he recovered completely. He wore his bruises like badges of honour for freeing the region from the terror of the monster. The road that was once impossible to pass through now became one of the most travelled routes in the country.

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