Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 13

A Japanese Folktale

A long time ago, in Japan, there were two frogs. One of the frogs lived in a ditch in Osaka while the other resided in a stream in Kyoto. Since they dwelt so far away from each other and had never travelled outside their own towns, they were unaware of each other’s existence. However, as a matter of coincidence, the thought that they should explore the world beyond the place where lived crossed their minds at the same day; the Kyoto frog wanted to explore Osaka whereas the Osaka frog wanted to explore Kyoto.

The next morning, both the frogs set out on their individual journey. The way was long and exhausting, and both were uninformed about the fact that to reach Kyoto from Osaka and vice versa, a mountain has to be climbed. So, they hopped and hopped until they climbed that mountain. As fate would have it, each of them was shocked to see another frog before them.

They introduced themselves to each other, and because both were tired, they halted and fell into a long conversation. Both the frogs felt a connection to each other as the reason for their journey was the same.

“I wish we were bigger, then both the towns would be visible to us from this summit,” said the frog from Osaka.

“I know a way to fulfil your wish,” the frog from Kyoto replied. “Let us stand on our hind legs and hold each other and then we will be able to look at the respective town we want to visit.”

Osaka frog was thrilled by the idea, and soon both the frogs were standing on their hind legs holding each other up. The frog from Kyoto turned his nose in the direction of Osaka, and the frog from Osaka turned his nose in the direction of Kyoto. But both of them forgot that as they were standing, though their noses were pointing toward their respective destinations, their eyes were in the back of their heads looking at their native towns.

Osaka frog thought that Kyoto looked just like Osaka, and Kyoto frog thought that Osaka looked just like Kyoto. Since they thought that the two towns were exact copies of each other, they saw no point in continuing with their journey and headed towards their respective homes.

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