Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 12

A folktale from Switzerland

Once upon a time in a village in Switzerland, there lived two neighbours, a peasant, and a washerman. The peasant had to go somewhere, so he asked his neighbour to keep his jug of milk safe until the evening. The washerman agreed.

When the peasant returned and went to reclaim his jug, he was astonished to find it empty. This led to a heated uproar among the two. Failing to reach any conclusion, the peasant filed a lawsuit against his neighbor. The judge gave the verdict in favour of the peasant and ordered the washerman to pay the price of milk.

The washerman claimed that it was flies that consumed the milk and not him. To this, the judge replied, “then you should have killed them.”

The washerman asked, “Are you giving me permission to kill the flies whenever and wherever I see them?”

The judge said, “Yes, I grant you permission to kill flies.”

All of a sudden, a fly came and sat on the judge’s left cheek. The washerman stepped closer to the judge and slapped him, saying, “It was one of those evil flies that devoured the milk!”

As the judge had already permitted him to kill flies, he couldn’t do anything but keep mum.

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