Coffee with Cotton Candy that Rains Sugar

We’re living in a world where the visual appeal of food has become an essential ingredient in any recipe. The Instagram worthy images of food and drink are ruling the social media platforms and contribute a lot to the sales quotient of a particular restaurant. As a result, restaurants have also started to experiment with the “food looks” to satisfy the generation where everyone wants to become an influencer on Instagram.

Sweet Little Rain Coffee

Mellower Coffee is one such café in Shanghai, China (with another branch in Bugis, Singapore) that has taken the “look” and experience of having a coffee to the next level.

mellower coffee
Source: misstamchiak

This surreal cup of coffee with Cotton Candy is something you can’t miss getting your hands on.

mellowers coffee
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Sold as “Sweet Little Rain”, mellower coffee has already become a sensation among the food bloggers.

Source: goatsonroad

It costs around 3 KWD and people who’ve tried it say that it’s absolutely worth it.

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Beauty and taste packed in one coffee. Yay!

Source: goatsonroad

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