Celebrate your special day at Celebration Hall, Winter Wonderland

Imagine More with Riyadh Season!

Step into a world of ice and snow at Riyadh Winter Wonderland that will surpass the imagination. The most memorable event of the Riyadh Season is the famous Winter Wonderland. This year’s Winter Wonderland is spectacular to fulfill the promise to “Imagine More.”

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Beyond your expectation, within your reach.

Zoo theme
Celebration hall decorated as theme – Zoo.

The wonderland is offering something big for you! What about spending a day and celebrating those special days of yours in a special place like this? Well, we got some news for you. You can now book the celebration hall at Winter Wonderland Riyadh Season for any happy occasions you want to celebrate and avail of the additional services offered. 

The Winter Wonderland celebration hall is a venue to enjoy joyous experiences in a delightful and pleasant environment. The hall offers several benefits that make event planning more manageable by allowing the owner of the occasion to decorate the hall with themes that they enjoy in various activities and events.

It will be a place where a child’s dream can come true on special occasions. In their favorite fantasy worlds, such as the pirate ship or the princesses’ palace. There is a private entrance, outdoor and interior seating, and several other amazing features!

What are you getting?

Apart from getting a hall with the cake, interior decoration done by the team, and party supplies, Below listed are services you are being offered in a base package: 

  • 20 entry tickets 
  • A private entrance with ten parking spaces 
  • The celebration hall with indoor and outdoor seating 
  • Customized celebration announcements on the hall’s screen 
  • Souvenir gifts provided by the Riyadh Season store 
  • Themed e-Invites. 

And additional services would include:

  • Snacks 20-40 people
  • Main meals from inside Winter Wonderland Riyadh Season
  • Gifts from Riyadh Season Store for the party invitees
  • Face painting 
  • Clown 
  • Costume for the owner of the occasion based on the chosen theme 
  • Souvenir photos (10 photos in a paper frame, five photos in an acrylic frame) 
  • Additional tickets for guests with a maximum of 20 tickets 
  • Extra cake
  • Piñata

Apart from this, there are 5 Themes offered for the events from which you can choose one. 

The available themes in the events are:

  • WWE fans
  • Animal lovers
  • Pirates
  • Princesses 
  • Mermaids
Picture of mermaid theme
Celebration hall decorated as Theme Mermaid

You can decorate the hall with any of the given themes and bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. Even though the themes are limited, there won’t be any limit to the fun you will have here, and there is no doubt about that. 

More to that, there are gifts and giveaways available for the host from the Riyadh Season Store. The gift options range from acrylic cups to tote bags.

Click here to get the link to Google maps to find the location easily.

How to book?

You can book through the website or the Riyadh Season app

Step 1: Choose the date.

Step 2: Complete the payment.

Step 3: The team from Riyadh Season will contact you. 

Step 4: A confirmation mail will be sent including the set of inquiries & chosen theme & services.

And Voila, you are good to go!

Picture of pirate theme
Pirate themed decoration offered in Celebration Hall.

When is the venue available?

The celebration hall will be available from 17 November 2021 to 30 March 2022 at 04:00 PM.

How much is it going to cost you?

The weekdays and weekends packages range from 7000 – 8,500 SAR, respectively. 

This year’s Riyadh Winter Wonderland is probably going to be your best bet to satiate the hunger for adventure and fun. 



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