9 Types of Travelers: Which One Are You?


Few travel in quest of different cuisine, few culture, few adventure, while few other roam just to have fun – Yes, there are different types of travelers and we have tried to segregate them. Below is the quick rundown of different types of traveler we have come across, or have heard of.

9 Different Types of Travelers 

The Photographers



The Groupies



The Tech-Savvy Travelers

Tech Savvy Travelers


Backpackers and Adventure Travelers




The Collectors



The Good Planners



The Fashionista Travelers

Fashionista Travelers


The Freebie Travelers

Freebie Travelers


The Party-Goers

Party Goers

Did you find in which category you fall? Or are you someone who has some unique interest? Tell us, we would love to hear from you.

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