Jordan in 4 Days – A Complete Itinerary


Jordan, a land steeped in history, is an incredibly welcoming, easygoing country, and most travelers prefer for it being very safe. Spectacular Jordan is all about being the first to cater with diverse beauty of entire Middle-East.

Here is the complete Jordan itinerary that guides you all throughout your journey. So follow the guide blind-folded and go zipping through good times in a myriad of lovely destinations in Jordan. Your visual journey begins now!

Jordan Itinerary – 4 Days in a Magic land

Day 1: Amman

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a sprawling modern city and it’s quite popular for its dining scene, many shopping malls, nightclubs, music bars and shisha lounges.

Check Into The City’s Most Luxurious 5-Star Hotel

Jordan Luxury Hotels

Le Royal Amman – The hotel is ideally situated in a tourist area and offers beautiful panoramic views of the city. To pamper your sense and relax in a true luxury you can visit the BlueBay Spa at the hotel. An extremely rejuvenating experience is guaranteed.  You can also feast on delicious cuisines offered in an array of ethnic and Gourmet in-house restaurants.

Located in the 3rd Circle, Le Royal is about three miles from Marka International Airport.

Similar hotels located in the heart of the city and that are good for any wallet:

Explore food around

Jordan Food

You’re never far from a good meal in Amman. If you love Arabic food, you would not want to miss the traditional eatery – falafel, hummus, pita and lamb with vegetables.  Almost every restaurant offers a plethora of food choices to savor on cultural delicacies.

  • Taste Hashem on King Faisal Street.
  • Shawarma cravers can visit Reems located in 2nd Circle, Amman.
  • Visit La Capitale, a French bistro on the ground floor of The Four Seasons Amman
Places To Visit

Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheater

A magnificent site built into the hillside just a few minutes walk from the Citadel. This is huge – huge enough to accommodate 6000 people at a time and the views from the top of the building are amazing. Walk down the stone-cut stairways, stand in the middle of the orchestra, and shout out loud to discover the incredible acoustics. If you are lucky you may get a chance to see the sporting and cultural events conducting occasionally.

Amman Citadel

Amman Citadel

A national historic site, located in the center of both ancient and modern Amman, is themost wonderful spot to enjoy both the ancient architecture and the beautiful city views.

Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is one of the oldest areas in Amman where you can find many fine old stone villas and street shops. An afternoon can be spent weaving through the streets to see this colorful strip brimming with boutique shops, art galleries, shisha bars and trendy cafes.

Amman Mosque

This beautiful mosque of Amman, capped by a magnificent blue mosaic dome, is a true example of modern Islamic art and architecture. The mosque has an art gallery within which is home to an interesting collection of pottery artifacts and pictures of King Abdullah I of Jordan.

Travel Tips

Amman is decently walker friendly if you are staying at the city center. Take time to walk around the city on foot – its worthy enough for a marvelous experience. However, if you’d keep your feet away from tiredness you have taxis running around whole day. Need not worry about anything – taxis are relatively inexpensive and safe.

Day 2: Jerash

A one-hour drive to the north of Amman is the Roman city of Jerash. This place is perfect for a day visit. After exploring Jerash you can head back to Amman and stay for the night.

Breakfast To Dinner

Amman Food

Breakfast: Ya Hala

If you are traveling with family and kids you’d definitely want to pickup this place. With its children’s play area and selection of games, you can keep your children entertained while you enjoy your breakfast.

Lunch: Lebanese House Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the mountains with a great view. Their menu includes an assortment of the standard Middle Eastern dishes – calamari, stuffed eggplant with walnuts, hummus, baba ganoush, halloumi and fattoush salad.

Dinner: Nowwara

Buffet dinners are amazing, serving an array of Sea and Mediterranean food. Apart from the delicious food, the location is peaceful for relaxing after a long day of wander. An outdoor seating arrangement is where anyone would want to enjoy their dinner time. So don’t forget to try the place out.

Things To Do

Colonnade Street

Colonnade Street

Colonnade Street, one of the most famous images of Jerash, ran from north to south over 800 meters long. The whole path is beautifully paved with the carved stones everywhere. There is no better way to relive the history of Jerash than by exploring the great architectural works of the past.

Jerash Archaeological Museum

The museum, houses a fascinating collection of artifacts such as mosaics, glass, gold jewellery, pottery and coins. One should never miss this – the garden of the museum, displays Greek and Latin monumental inscription which are fabulous.


Sports in Amman

Sport lovers will absolutely love this place too. This 245m long and 52m wide arena is to watch chariot races, gladiator battles, marching and sword-toting of legionnaires with helmets javelins. If you are lucky you will get a chance to hop abroad the chariot for a few laps around the hippodrome after the performance.

Timings: 11 am to 5 pm

Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts

Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts

The Jerash Festival, taking place from July 19 – August 4, transforms the ancient Roman city into the world’s liveliest place ever. A three-week-long program of poetry, music, ballet, concerts, plays, opera and dance performances make your visit spectacular. Nothing could be more splendid than watching spell-bound performances from different parts of the world – Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

Location: South Theatre, Jerash.

Timings: All the programs are generally night shows.

Travel Tips
  • Since Jerash is less than an hour drive from Amman, hire a driver for the entire day.
  • Jerash is a huge site to cover. So, starting early would be better as you will have enough time to take in the beauty instead of hurrying to keep up with the running time.
  • Do not stay local because they are quite expensive and not a great value for the money. Head back to Amman and have a sound sleep.

Day 3: On The Way To Petra

Pack your luggage, have breakfast, check-out the hotel you are staying in Amman and start your road trip towards Petra. The quickest route from Amman to Petra is via Route 15 and the journey takes around 3 hours. Hire a car at Amman and drop your luggage in the car carefully locked up. This is because today you’re going to explore ‘On the way to Petra’ keeping your luggage with you. Don’t worry this is only until you reach Petra and moreover a lot of visitors say that Petra and Jordan are very safe places for traveling.

Places to visit

Mount Nebo – Madaba

Mount Nebo – Madaba

Madaba is one of the most revered holy sites of Jordan. Well known as ‘The City Of Mosaics’, the place is good to explore remains of the Roman and civic architecture. Mount Nebo, just located outside the Madaba is a top attraction and boasts a large collection of Mosaics and other artifacts.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea brings a sense of unreality – the lowest point on earth. Being so, it creates wonders -starting with the dense waters of the sea. Because the water is so dense with dissolved salt, it’s is exceptionally buoyant. Believe it or not, you just need sleep on the water to float. The grey mud that you can find in some places on the floor is well known for its skin-curing properties. Just rub the mud all over your skin and your skin just looks like one of those celebs.

While you spend your time at the Dead Sea you’d rather splash the cash on showers, changing rooms and outdoor pools or you can just pay for one-day access to the private Moevenpick Resort which is quite comforting and affordable. There are many such resorts and hotels just on the coastline of the Dead Sea –

Kayaking in the River Jordan

Nile River Kayaking River Jordan

Late afternoon, you can spend your time with a little bit of adventure. Kayaking in the Jordan river is truly amazing – raft in the waters, under the shade of the rich tapestry of bamboo and reeds and that’s all you need to escape the heat of the day.

After exploring through your way to Petra get back to your car and continue your ride to Petra. By the time you reach Petra, the moon would have fallen all over the city. Check-in to the best hotel and relax for the night.

Hotel Choices You Have For Staying Petra

Day 4: Petra

Petra – a magical archaeological site which walks you to the ancient marvels and brilliant ruins is a must-visit site of the entire Jordan. To explore the streets in leisure you need one entire day. The whole beauty of the place dwells with the sunlight that falls over the area and makes the rocks glow an incredible ruby color.

Things To Do

Set A Trail Into The Siq

The Siq

The Main entrance to the hidden city of Petra goes through the impressive split in the rock, towering high above your head, called the Siq. It’s a 30-min trail from the entrance to The Treasury. All the way through the Siq you can admire the natural rock formations and the fascinating colors of the reflecting light.

The Treasury

The Treasury

Once you step out of the Siq you will be exposed to Petra’s most magnificent façade; the Treasury. This royal tomb decorated with mythological figures, amazing carvings and sharp lines has miraculously survived for all these years.

Just like the Treasury, you have lot more ancient things to explore during the day. Follow the route map:

  • The Treasury – Start Point
  • Theatre
  • Urn Tomb
  • Royal Tombs
  • Little Petra
  • Colonnaded Street
  • Obelisk Tomb & Bab As Siq Triclinium
  • Street of Facades
  • Temple of the Winged Lions
  • Mountains at the south of Petra
  • The Treasury – End Point

Settle At The Best Place To See Sunset

Sunsets in Jordan

Don’t miss the chance to see Petra at sunset. Under the sun’s last beams, experience the fantastic views of fading light reflecting on the rocks, turning the cold cobblestones into rose-gold.  Head to the Mountains At The South Of Petra where the entire area is covered with a series of intrusive dikes and overlain by sandstones. Gaze at the changing colors of the mountains the entire evening and surely this would be the most happening moment of the whole day.

Petra By Night

Petra Trip

Complete your Petra experience with a visit of Petra by Night. Petra by Night starts at 20:30 from the Visitor Centre and lasts for around 2 hours. Pay for the tickets and you will be escorted by a Bedouin guide down to the stunning Treasury Building. Once you reach The Treasury, you are made to sit on the rugs places on the floor and the show begins. The entire area is lit with beautifully arranged candles with a backdrop of gentle Arabic music. Listen to Petra’s history while cherishing the taste of traditional Bedouin mint tea. Your day is complete.

Petra By Night happens only thrice a week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. So, plan accordingly.

Cave Bar

The Cave Bar

After exploring Petra the whole day you’d definitely want to relax. Get to the Petra’s oldest bar for a complete rejuvenation of your sense.  It is right outside the entrance to Petra in Jordan and is located within the Petra Guesthouse Hotel. You can find a range of cocktails and delicious mains that include burgers, salads and pasta.

Timings: Opens until 4 am

Travel Tips
  • Getting to Petra early is the key to escape the heat and to avoid busy crowds. 8 a.m. is the perfect arrival time if you plan to explore most of it in one day.
  • Petra is a place for those who are fine with walking and trekking long distances. Of course, there are camel rides and donkey rides available at the site. But, since the area is composed of steep slopes taking these rides are not safe. Also, for the welfare of the animals, you need to use your feet.
  • Small businesses run in Petra, selling handmade objects which are quite attractive. Don’t forget to haggle before buying anything at these stalls
  • Now that you went through the entire journey virtually with our Jordan Itinerary you must be quite aware of everything that you have to do while you visit Jordan. Or, maybe not! There must be one constant question troubling you, right! Then go on, and ask us. We have our comment section below. Tell us what we missed out or give us a pat on our shoulder for the work we’ve done.

Happy planning your trip with this Jordan Itinerary!


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