Season 1 of Jordan Food Week Opens – Celebrate Food & Flavors

When & Where? : Starts July 18 & Ends on 24th July 2018 at Amman, Jordan

Jordan organizes the first chapter of Jordan Food Week – the country’s biggest culinary event displaying and bringing in dishes that have true Jordanian connection. With the launch of Jordan Food Week (JFW), the country is set to emerge as one of the popular food destinations of the world. Jordan has a rich and varied heritage of food which deserves grand culinary celebration.

The Jordan Food Week invites tourists, expats and locals too to taste gastronomical delights of the country. Chefs, local producers, culinary schools, and restaurants from countrywide showcase the Jordanian delicacies for an entire week at Jordan Food Week. Showcasing the Jordanian cuisine will highlight the country’s gastronomical heritage and support its local producers.

Jordan Food Week Details

  • The event is supported by USAID which helps to leverage the home-based businesses to new levels.
  • Jordan Food Week taking place at Ras Al Ain Hangar in Amman, the capital of Jordan.
  • More than 100 local artisanal producers and 30 of Jordan’s popular restaurants exhibit delicious Jordanian dishes.
  • This event is an unparalleled opportunity for exhibitors residing in the rural and semi-urban areas outside Amman.

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What to Expect?

  • A number of Jordanian dishes like labneh, Sumac, Dibs (Molasses) and other Jordanian delights prepared by local producers including Kama Local, Alchemy, and Namliyeh by Omar Sartawi.
  • Eat your own way and indulge all your senses while enjoying the live music, hot food ready to serve, drinks and much more.
  • The culinary event gives you chance to buy a range of food products from over one hundred food stalls. Same time you can explore a variety of local foods from different Jordanian cities.
  • You can see live cooking demonstrations by popular Jordanian Chefs like Chef Leen Abu Al Ragheb, Chef Taimour Mauge, and many more celebrity chefs.
  • Know more healthy cooking tips given by Royal Health Awareness Society and For Life Plan.

Jordan Traditional Food

Where?  – Ras Al Ain Hangar in Amman

When? – July 18 to 24, 2018

Admission Fee:

JD2 for adults

Free for children aged under 12 years


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