Exploring The Best of Goan Cuisine

Goan cuisine is a mixed bag of different cuisines that cannot be found anywhere else in India. So whenever you’re in Goa do as the Goans do. By that, I mean binge on delicious Goan cuisine. And don’t worry about having to choose what to eat. I’ve compiled a list of all the food you have to try when you go to Goa. There is plenty of seafood and a couple of dishes you might never even have heard of.


Dishes you have to try in Goa


Goan Prawn/Fish Curry

Fish Curry

We can’t talk about Goan food without mentioning its most famous dish, the Goan prawn/fish curry. Both variants are spiced with red chilies and coconut. Its best served with fluffy rice or bread.

Find it here: Mum’s Kitchen


Fish Thali

Goa and fish thalis are a match made in heaven. The fish used in the thali is always the freshest. A staple in every home and dhaba in Goa. It’s a basic but wholesome dish that will leave you completely satisfied.

Find it here: Ritz Classic


Goan Red Rice

Red Rice

There’s nothing better than eating curry with Goan red rice. The rice puffs up and soaks up all the curry creating an explosion of flavors inside your mouth.

Find it here: Palácio do Deâo



Another classic Goan curry on the list. Made using either chicken, lamb or seafood with a mixture of spices and coconut. Every household has their own version of this beloved dish.

Find it here: Souza Lobo


Poee or Poi


This weird sounding food is actually a local bread available in almost every bakery in Goa. Soft on the inside and hard on the outside. It’s best eaten either stuffed with fillings or with a plate of spicy chicken curry.

Find it here: Confeitaria 31 De Janeiro



These are soft, spongy steamed rice cakes that are like idlis but instead made using fermented coconut milk. It perfectly complements rich, meaty curries and is a staple in a typical Goan dinner.

Find it here: Viva Panjim



Classic Goan Dessert Bebinca with a coop of ice cream

Imagine a sweet, chewy, coconutty layered cake that goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea. That is exactly what the bebinca is. Made from flour, ghee, eggs, nutmeg, and coconut milk, this sweet is a Goan classic.

Find it here: Martin’s Corner



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