Explore the Food Streets of Shanghai for A Delicious Culinary Adventure

Shanghai is a food lover’s paradise. You can head to any of the numerous food streets here, and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by the wide variety of food options that you will be presented with. So dig into the delicious street food and make your tummy happy.


Best Food Streets in Shanghai

Muslim Market


You must visit this halal food street around Changde Road on a Friday and savour the tempting grilled kebabs, skewered lambs, crunchy lamb pastries or Uyghur samsa, yogurt drinks, and other delicacies prepared by the Muslim ethnic groups in China.


Xiangyang Road food stalls


If you want to ditch lavish breakfast and try a variety of street food in Shanghai, then head to the Xiangyang Road hole-in-the-wall food stalls. Start your day with steamed buns, Chinese pancakes, potstickers, and much more.


South Yunnan Road food street


Treat yourself at the South Yunnan Road food street with Shaanxi-style as well as steamed dumplings and noodles, Cantonese dim sum, and Mongolian hotpot. This street has been known for its delicious food since the 19th century, and many establishments here have been serving food for over 100 years.


Wujiang Road food street


Situated near the Nanjing metro station, Wujiang Road food street is full of fantastic food options. Don’t forget to try the Shanghai special shengjianbao, which is a pan-fried bun stuffed with meat and juices.


Old Town God Temple Snack Street

chinese street food

Spend your day tasting fried or/and steamed stuffed buns, fried rice cakes, crab-shell cake, etc. in the food stalls or restaurants in Old Town God Temple Snack Street in Fuyou Road in Huangpu District. The recreated Ming and Qing dynasty architecture and the Yuyuan Garden in the vicinity will assure that you have a great time.


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