6 Top Restaurants in Kuwait


Kuwait is a culinary hotspot and a foodie’s paradise. Every street corner has an amazing restaurant serving food that will blow your mind away. From traditional Lebanese, Italian, and Indian dishes to scrumptious breakfast joints, Kuwait does not disappoint when it comes to food. 


The 6 Best Restaurants in Kuwait 

Come with us on a culinary journey. Read on to find out the best restaurants in Kuwait.


Baker and Spice

If you are craving tasty food made from the freshest local ingredients available then head to award-winning Baker and Spice. Western meets eastern flavors in this artisanal restaurant which has become a hotspot for local soul food that is sure to make you smile.

Must try: Baked goods and salad

Cost: 16 KWD (approx)

Address: Souq Shaq, Kuwait City.



Cocoa Room

Often chosen as one of the best breakfast places in Kuwait, Cocoa Room is a favorite among Kuwaiti locals. The restaurant prides itself on using the best quality ingredients from around the world. The large assortment of breakfast and brunch items along with the world-class food brings people back every day. 

Must try: Hot cocoa, Cocoa Room eggs benedict, and pancakes

Cost: 17 KWD (approx)

Address: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait.


Assaha Restaurant

Assaha restaurant is an authentic Lebanese restaurant located inside a beautiful historic building in the heart of Kuwait City. Go there to gorge on an endless amount of delicious Lebanese food and dessert at the in-house buffet or choose your meal from a la carte. You can also take a tour of the kitchen to see how the food is cooked.

Must try: Hummus, lamb cutlet, and grilled shrimps

Cost: 15 KWD (approx)

Address: Al Khalij Al Arabi Street Bneid Al Gar, Kuwait City.




Health junkies can head to OVO to get a dose of the best healthy vegan food in Kuwait. This cozy restaurant is a great place to indulge and not worry about calories. The food is made from locally sourced ingredients and made with love by the restaurants’ owner and chef Amal Chahine.

Must try: Kale tabbouleh salad and chickpea fries

Cost: 18 KWD (approx)

Address: Bneid Al Gar, Al Massaleh East Building, Kuwait City



Experience the perfect Italian dining experience at Melenzane the premier Italian restaurant in Kuwait. The restaurant offers the best of classic Italian cuisine like pasta and pizza with a modern twist using the best ingredients imported from Italy. 

Must try:  Pocket pasta, melenzane casserole, and risotto

Cost: 15 KWD (approx)


1- The Avenues Mall, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Road, Kuwait City

2- Al Hamra Tower, Al Shuhada Street, Kuwait City

3- Al-Ta’awen St, Al Bida’a Strip, Kuwait City




Dive deep into the best of Indian cuisine at Lavan. It is the go-to restaurant for Indian food for Kuwaitis. The restaurant is famous for serving incredibly rich and authentic Indian curry, biryani, and tandoori dishes. Don’t miss out on the traditional tandoor where some of the best dishes like naan and kebabs are made.

Must try: Butter naan, chicken biryani, and lamb seekh kebab

Cost: 15 KWD (approx)


1- Khalid Ibn Al Waleed St, Sharq Tower, Kuwait City

2- The Avenues Mall, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Road, Kuwait City


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