Vaccinated from COVID-19? These countries are ready to welcome you!

A whole year of lockdown must have hurt your wandering soul and you may now be raring to start traveling again! But did the restrictions, rules, and regulations (set of course, for our safety) must have been overwhelming to plan anything? But as every dark cloud has a silver lining, the vaccine against the deadly virus is already here. And if you are of those lucky ones to have received the shot, you are surely up for a treat!

With the travel scenario changing every now and then, you will be glad to know that many destinations will welcome you now without any rules and regulations if you are vaccinated. Yes, you heard it right! So let’s embrace the old normal again and pack our bags to head to these destinations. 


List of Countries Open for Vaccinated Travellers


If you have undergone vaccination and it has not been 6 months since its completion, you will be exempted from 10-day quarantine and COVID-19 testing. All you have to do is carry valid vaccination certificates that mention the vaccination details like the issuer of the vaccine and the batch number.


Romania was one of the earliest countries that changed the rules for vaccinated individuals. If one proves that the vaccination is complete and at least 10 days have passed since the second dose, the traveller will be exempted from quarantine.

Check the best castles in Romania for your trip there. 

Romanian Castles
Romanian Castles



Seychelles has reopened for all the vaccinated travellers and will be allowed to skip the quarantine. However, they still require a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours. 

A perfect beach destination, Seychelles can be your perfect escape. Know all about it here. 




If Phuket is your favorite getaway, then get ready to visit it by October. Thailand will soon be exempting the mandatory 14-day isolation period for the vaccinated travellers, which will be a major relief. 

Thailand is a unique country and has its own set of etiquettes. Here are the dos and don’ts of Thailand.




Lebanon is another country that will be letting the inoculated individuals to skip the mandatory quarantine requirement. The traveller will be required to present the vaccination certificate as well as negative COVID-19 test results taken 96 hours prior to boarding the flight to Lebanon. They will also have to undergo a test again post landing in the country. 

And if you are visiting Lebanon, these things ought to be in your itinerary.



Iceland also will be allowing the vaccinated travellers to bypass the COVID-19 test and quarantine rules. All travellers from approved third-party countries as well as the EU who are vaccinated will enjoy these relaxed rules.

To plan a trip to this land of ice and fire, check the details here.



Cyprus is reopening the borders for the vaccinated travellers from March 1 2021, without any restrictions. One can avoid the COVID-19 PCR test as well as the isolation requirement. 

Cyprus can be your next quirky destination. Find out how? 

Fairy Tale Museum, Cyprus
Fairy Tale Museum, Cyprus



As of 1st February 2021, all inoculated travellers are welcome to the country of Georgia without any restrictions via international flights.

Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely take a trip to Georgia. 

Caucas Mountains, Georgia
Caucas Mountains, Georgia



With valid proof of COVID-19 vaccination, all international tourists can enter Poland and skip the quarantine requirements.

Discover enriching Poland with 5 things-to-do here

Tatra mountains, Poland
Tatra Mountains, Poland

Things have definitely started to look better! We wish you the best travels and hope you start filling your bucket list again soon.



  1. Milton Dana

    I most likely will be traveling in the Middle East, Europe, Aisa, and occasionally North America. I would like to know what my restrictions might be even with my two vaccinations card. Where can I go and where are the places that require quartine.

    1. Monalisha Mallick

      Most of the destinations are allowing now. However, it’s better to check the individual country requirement before you book.

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