Travel Essentials Ultimate Checklist for Vacation in The Times of Corona

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Road trips, domestic travel, & traveling closer to home are the new norm as people want to stay safe and are waiting for the vaccine before they venture further away. What once were add-on essentials are now a must-have for travel. The world has changed so has travel. Sanitizers, masks, gloves, wet and dry wipes now have joined the must-haves in your travel packing list. 

Travel will be different post-pandemic. Here’s How?

As the world gears up to travel again, we are ready with the list of must-have travel essentials checklist for trips during and after the pandemic.

Ultimate Checklist for Travel Essentials for Vacation in the Times of Corona

Safety & Hygiene Kit for Travel

Health & sanitization essentials

Safety comes first in the time of Corona. Pack a few pairs of gloves, sanitizers, and wet and dry wipes in your handbag. Keep it handy at all times.


Capture memories wherever you go. A good camera and selfie stick are a must in your travel bag. 


Noise-canceling headphones

For travel on a flight or by road, a good pair of noise canceling headphones are a must for some soothing music and to stay calm if you have noisy co-passengers.

Power banks & adapters

Mobile phones draining out of charge is a nightmare when you are roaming around and enjoying the beautiful landscapes and scenery. So keep power banks and adapters ready. You can charge your phone, camera, laptops, etc from one source.

Comfort Travel Wear

Comfort clothes & footwear

Loose cotton clothes and a good pair of shoes make travel earlier. Invest in some.


There’s no better travel companion than a good book. Carry one for sure.

Compact travel bags & pouches

A messy travel bag is a strict no-no. Keep it organized with small pouches for each essential. That way you will know where to find what and not juggle through a heap of clothes to find a charger or eyeliner for example.

Wallet & Passport Holders

Invest in a good wallet cum passport holders to keep all necessary documents in one place.

Camping Essentials

Planning for camping at your destination. Get all your camping essentials in one place and pack them for a nice experience.

Camping essentials

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