Travel By Color: 7 Destinations To Add Color To Your Travel Diaries

A novel way – to discover your holiday in a unique direction and get splendid sights of a lifetime – is to steer towards a color-inspired journey around the world. For some people, color is all about their dressing, for a few others color is about their house interiors and for a few others color is in different forms of aesthetics. But why not associate color with your travel diaries? Whether it is about – exuberant marketplaces, stunning architectural monuments, fairytale towns, mesmerizing flower gardens, or incredible beaches – no matter what, when it comes to colorful travel destinations they are always breathtaking.

With this keyword –‘Color’ in my mind, I’ve got a handful of holiday spots that can probably fill your favorite color palette. Check them out! Sure, they will likely be added to your travel bucket list. Here we go! Get ready to capture the colors of your travel and get all the magical dust you need.

A Travel Journey Inspired by Colors

#1 White Desert – Egypt

White Desert, Egypt

The white desert is justifiably the most well-known desert destination in Egypt and is certainly something really unique. If ‘Pyramids of Egypt’ is one good factor to visit Egypt and people love to see it – then this place can play an equal role with ‘The Pyramids’ and surely be a different getaway that people would be amazed to visit. This white desert covers a vast area of the Farafra’s Oasis and is totally covered in white sand. Unbelievable right! Once you walk on this unusual landscape, you would just feel like either floating on fluffy clouds or walking on the moon. The whole beauty is a result of erosion of chalk which occurred millions of years ago. So, thanks to the weathered chalk mounds and the wind that carved rock formations into giant mushroom-like features and turned this place a wonder.

Know before you go
  • A 1N 2D tour is perfect for a journey into this infinite whiteness.
  • Of course, you can undertake a safari on the dunes of soft sand.
  • You can grab some sand boards and go gliding off those dunes – experience fun with speed!
  • You can take a mountain bike and go cycling around up and down the dunes – be careful with the strong wind currents.
  • White desert is perfect for camping and experiencing the lunar glow.
  • Take a dip At El Heiz Water spring. El Heiz is an oasis that is surrounded by palm trees – you can pick some dates at this place.
  • If you like strolling around the desert then make a visit to Acacia Tree – the only tree in the White Desert National Park, which is 500-year-old and is still growing.

Egypt Travel

How to reach? 
  • To reach the White Desert you need get to Bahariya Oasis. Bahariya oasis is 227 miles southwest of Cairo.
  • Bahariya can easily be reached by shuttle buses, private car/bus or by an uber/taxi from Cairo.
  • Start the 4×4 Jeep tour From Bahariya to the White Desert
  • Explore the White Desert the entire day and set up your camp and campfire for the night. Enjoy the tasty Bedouin BBQ dinner sitting on the ‘white carpet’ – watching the stars.
  • Sleep under the Bedouin Camping Tents and dream the old Arabian Tales.
  • Next morning, have your breakfast and head back to Bahariya Oasis from where you can catch a bus back to Cairo.

Note: You can find a good number of tourist guides at Bahariya Oasis who can help you with the camping and camping equipment.



#2 Sapa Rice Terraces, Vietnam

Vietnam Rice Fields

If you are searching for the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam, then you cannot bypass the rice terraces in Sapa lying on the mountains of Vietnam. These thousands of terraced rice fields standing in the center of Ban Phung province truly are eye tangling and mesmerizing. In addition to enjoying the stunning beauty, you can also meet the friendly and hospitable ethnic local tribes in their colorful costumes and never-ending smiles. The most attractive charm of this beauty is the changing color of the vegetation which occurs seasonally.  Whether it is bright yellow or deep green this beauty remains still a beauty.

Vietnam Travel

Things to do when in Sapa:
  • Love trekking? Then hike the Fansipan Mountains – it’s just 20 kilometers from Sapa
  • Visit the Silver Falls located about 15km from Sapa Town
  • Shop at the local Sapa Market – clothing, utensils or handcrafts – you can find anything for a very cheap price provided that you are good at haggling.
  • To know some ancient histories of Sapa head to the Sapa Museum – sure, you’ll get a vast array of options to taste the cultures.
  • Explore the traditional crafts such as cotton, flax, weaving by visiting this small village – Cat Cat Village.
How to reach?
  • Sapa is a small town in the mountains at a height of 1500m and is only accessible by bus. Its closest town with a train station is Lao Cai, a border town close to China.
  • People visit Quy Nhon and travel from Quy Nhon to Lao Cai by night train.
  • Once you reach Lao Cai, take a minibus or taxi to Sapa.

#3 Rue Targui, Chefchouen – Morocco

Morocco blue

Chefchaouen or Chaouen, a city located in northwest Morocco is extremely photogenic and has must-see sights – especially noted for its buildings in shades of blue. The famous ‘Blue City’ – with most of its buildings painted in blinding shades of blue-white colors – completely engulfs you with a clean and fresh feeling.

Things to do in Chefchaouen
  • Wander the ancient streets of Chefchaouen Medina and mingle with the locals to explore their rich culture. If you just need a peaceful stroll, then wander during the evening and early morning hours.
  • Don’t miss the Flower street – the cutest street in Chefchaouen, just wonderful with vibrant plant plots, lush plants, and colorful flowers adding bright splashes of color to the city’s blue shades.
  • Head to the Art du bien-être (Art of Good Living), and experience an upscale “spa” with massages, foot soaks, facials, and exfoliations.
  • Relax and chill out at Ras El-Maa – Along the eastern fringes of the medina of Chefchaouen, you encounter a handful of small cascades – a beautiful waterfall running down the mesmerizing hills. The whole setup gives you a strong sudden dose of nature.
  • Being an artisan center, the place is an excellent place to shop – especially for woven rugs and blankets in bright and bold colors. So get carried away filing your bags with gems and jewels, carpets, spices, and souvenirs. And, remember – don’t be shy to haggle.
Morocco Travel
Know before you go
  • Absolutely no alcohol is allowed within the walls of the city.
  • Bring cash with you.
How to reach?
  • The easiest way to get to Chefchaouen is from Marrakech to Tangier on an overnight train journey.
  • Once you arrive in Tangier, you can either take a taxi or if you’re on a budget, a bus.

 #4 Panjin Red Beach – China


Filled with vibrant red color, plenty of life and high-spirited scenery – Panjin Red Beach truly lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s most visually stunning places. If you love to picture yourself in color and only in color then this is will be a unique and most extraordinary experience you can ever get unless you are in your dreams.  This place is called for its scenic beauty as ‘Red Carpet Beach’ or ‘The Sea Of Red’ and, the whole secret of this beauty is all about seep-weed or seablite – the plants which flourish as crimson red with the arrival of autumn. During the months of September and October, this weed turns flaming red and it’s a perfect time for quite overwhelming scenery.

Things to do in Panjin
  • The entire Crimson Red Wetland is considered is a home to more than 260 varieties of birds. You get to see and live with wildlife especially the endangered ones like red-crowned crane, and around 400 species of wildlife, white stork, whooper swan and the Saunders’s gull. Get your binoculars with you – bird watching is more fun than you think.
  • Walk through the beach on stilts or on the bridges, specially designed for tourism and enjoy the burgundy marshy area and see the views of Delta River.
  • Get to Moon Bay Wetland Park and enjoy a lot of tourist entertainment activities held there – Root Sculpture Exhibition, recreation programs in water and boating.
China Travel
How to reach?
  • Panjin city is accessible by trains and buses.
  • Take train from Beijing or Tianjin – Panjin. Travel during the night and you can reach Panjin by next day morning.
  • Hire a taxi driver for the whole day. You can find a plenty at the Panjin railway station or can book

#5 Balat – Istanbul


Balat is full of colorful old wooden houses, churches, brightly colored coffee shops, picturesque ascending and descending streets, and artistic street art. Walking through the Balat is just losing you in a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and engulfing in the vibrancy of its street life with splashes of color everywhere. Gaze at the kids playing on the streets, flower-bedecked shop fronts, crisscrossed washing lines running between the building terraces, and an array of uniquely designed antique shops – sure every inch of the place is worthy enough for taking great photographs.

Things to do in Balat
  • Visit the beautiful Phanar Greek Orthodox College building
  • Spend time at two popular churches – Church of St. George and Stephen Bulgarian Church
  • Head to the top of Balat and take in the breathtaking view of the Golden Horn.
  • While you stroll down the streets of Yıldırım and Vodina get a peek into coffee roasters, ceramic ateliers, art galleries and vintage shops.
Turkey Travel
Know before you go
  • It is very hard for you to find people speaking in any language other than Turkish. The percentage of people who speak English in these areas is almost zero and, so, it is impossible to get any information from the locals, unless you know their language or you take help of Google Translator.
  • The area is colorful and full of life during summers. So, make your visit during the May to make the best out of your visit.
How to reach?

You can either take a ferry or a bus from Eminonu, Karakoy, or Uskudar to Ayvansaray, Balat.

#6 The Pink Beach, Komodo Island – Indonesia

Pink Beaches

Have you ever imagined a beach with a pink hue? Hard to believe but there are seven such beaches in the world. The Pink Beach – Komodo Island is one of them and has the most fascinating panoramic views. With soft-pink sand all along the coastline, crystal clear waves of turquoise seas, and stunning underwater life – Komodo Island – is a real holiday spot that definitely is a must for everybody’s bucket list. Before you take a moment to appreciate this beauty, know the factor that the coral is the highlight of the beach here. The entire ‘pink’ factor of this place is a result of the tiny fragments of red coral disseminated over the coastline. So remember! Each time you take the beauty in; don’t forget to leave a tiny pinch of gratitude to the dead corals.

Things to do in Komodo Island:
  • For people who are looking for more of an adventurous getaway – explore an immense amount of colored fishes and preserved corals while snorkeling. See how the red corals have created a beautiful landscape for the underwater fauna.
  • After a long snorkeling and scuba diving get back to the shore to soothe and relax while sunbathing.
  • Visit the Komodo National Park to see the famous Komodo dragons – keep your heart still and pumping to say hello to 5,000 Komodo dragons living in the park.
Indonesia Travel
Know before you go:
  • The best time to visit the Komodo Island is during the dry season, from April to December – for a perfect, hot, sunny getaway.
How to reach?
  • The easiest way to get there: fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo Airport. From there, take a taxi ride to Labuan Bajo. Once you reach Labuan Bajo you can find a lot of boats that will take you to the Komodo Island.


#7 Dubai Miracle Garden – Dubai

Dubai Miracle garden

This world’s largest natural flower garden, spread over 72,000-square-meter area is the most attractive and colorful tourist spot. The garden is covered up with a blanket of 65 million flowers. In short – it is all about flowers as far as the eye can see!

Things to do in Dubai Miracle Garden
  • A life-size replica of the Emirates Airbus A380 – very popular and received the Guinness Book of World Records” and “Largest Floral Installation” awards. Sure, it’s a blissful sight to see a floral aircraft which had a stem count of five million flowers.
  • Flower pyramids, replicating the great Egyptian pyramids, always looked magnificent giving a sole feeling of freshness and colorfulness. The design and color combination of the Petunia flowers on each and every Floral Pyramids is very unique and this is the thing which cannot stop the visitors to photograph the beauty.
  • An array of flower houses, Ferrari cars and other flower-decked vintage cars
  • Strolling under arc-shaped walkways is what people loved to do always.
Dubai Visit

Whether you are a solo traveler, or travelling with your family or friends –doesn’t matter at all. This place has got an array of facilities provided to all the visitors. Facilities include open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, prayer room, toilet blocks, ablution facility, security room, first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, retails and commercial kiosk. So need not worry! Comfort is all along your journey.

Know before you go
  • Dubai Miracle Garden is usually opened from October to April – it is a perfect time to witness the freshly blossomed flowers.
  • Visiting the garden from May until September is a bad idea as the garden will be closed due to very high temperatures.
  • The garden wouldn’t operate the same on all days. So follow the time-table: 9 AM – 9 PM – Sunday to Thursday and 9 AM – 11 PM during weekends, Friday and Saturday.

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