Stereotype vs. Fact – A Reality Check on 5 Popular Destinations

Have you ever picked a holiday destination based on preconceptions, which you have acquired from internet? Fear Paris because of Paris Syndrome, think Hawaii is all about clubs and beaches, Norway is no more than Northern Lights, and Egypt is all about Pyramids? Well, time to change your thoughts about the top 5 popular destinations and take you on a reality check.

The stereotype: Singapore is for business travelers and people who love skyscrapers

The fact: There’s more than business

Singapore Vacation

This teeny Asian country is in limelight now. Thanks to the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”. The amazing country has a buzzing nightlife, restaurants that serve class fine dining, beach clubs on Sentosa Island and a street food culture that is to die for. You can take a trip to the historic teahouses in Chinatown or visit the cafés in hipster areas like Haji Lane in Kampong.

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The stereotype: Norway is all about Northern lights

The fact: There’s more than that


Yes, Northern Lights are one of the major attractions of the land of Vikings. But, then there’s so much more to explore too. Spend an evening at Lofoten Islands, or go hiking to discover the beauty of Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. Check out the fjords too when there.

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The stereotype: Dubai is all malls and Burj Khalifa

The reality: Dubai has a traditional side too


Dubai got the reputation of a glitzy city but a city without a soul as most things are over the top kinda. But, what everybody misses is Dubai has a soft side too. While you go shopping crazy at Dubai malls you can also relax at the beaches too. Discover the history in the Al Fahidi historical district or just take a tour of the spice and textile souks to meet tradition at every corner.

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The stereotype: Paris has just the Eiffel Tower

The reality: The art scene of Paris is thriving


Paris, the city of love draws crowd from worldwide and for many the agenda is just the Eiffel Tower. But, do you know Paris is so much more than that. You have art museums and galleries and if you don’t have time for museum visit, you can just check the Paris streets that are filled with murals and portraits.

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The stereotype: Marrakesh is Morocco

The reality: There’s Fes, Meknes, Chefchaouen, and many more.


Queen of Pop made Marakkesh even more popular by celebrating her birthday in this historic town. But what most travellers miss is that Morocco is epic all over. From it’s blue town of Chefchaouen to the heritage city of Meknes and Fes.

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