Exploring the Best of South America


South America is a relatively less explored continent. Some people might even find it intimidating given its large size. However, this continent is worth every penny and second that you can spend on travelling. You will be amazed by its unique terrain, culture, cuisine, history and everything else that is not possible to be put into words.


Top 5 Cities to Explore in South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

buenos aires

The capital of Argentina is a vibrant and colourful city offering many opportunities to explore the Argentine culture. Discover museums, indulge in delicious cuisine, watch an opera, visit tourist attractions, or take a look at modern art exhibitions–in Buenos Aires; you will never run out of options.


Lake Titicaca, Peru

lake titicaca

Lake Titicaca in Peru is home to indigenous communities who have inhabited these 40 (approx) islands for generations. The only way to reach these islands is through boats, but if you’re keen on getting a closer look at the lifestyle of the natives of the island, it’s definitely worth it.

Explore Lake Titicaca


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro is one of the fascinating cities in the world and not just in South America. With its expansive beaches, glamorous nightlife, botanical gardens, chic restaurants and a lot more, this city a jewel in the crown of South America.


La Paz, Bolivia


Located at the height of 10,000 feet, the city of La Paz is one of the popular tourist destinations of Bolivia. In spite of being congested, it continues to attract travelers from all parts of the world. La Paz is known for its world-class museums, yummy street food, cocoa leaf tea, and buzzing markets. It’s an exciting place to explore.


Lima, Peru


Lima has it all from beaches, modern architecture, historical sites, fabulous museums, and modish restaurants. There are lot of outdoor activities to participate in such as paragliding, rock climbing, surfing, etc. Can you think of any reason to not visit this place?

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