Cheese in Coffee – Weird Things That Exist Only in Colombia

We love coffee. We love cheese. But Colombians go an extra mile. They love coffee and cheese together. That’s really a weird combination for us but Colombians swear by the taste of this amazing drink. There are few things like this that make Colombia, an unique destination for travelling to.

Colombia is a country of extremes – beauty, cuisine, hospitality, and everything else that makes you feel welcome. This South American country is now one of the safest. Violence and the drug fueled past have been left long behind with the new laws that the government has brought in. Know these weird but real facts about Colombia before your visit:

Coffee & Hot Chocolate – both are served with a slice of cheese

Locals love this. They dip a special kind of cheese to coffee and stir it till a gooey consistency is formed. They drink this with a slice of bread stick.

Coffee with Cheese

You should know – Colombia is one of the biggest coffee producer in the world.

Even Scandinavians love cheese in their coffee.

Pink dolphins exist

Love a bit of pink in everything? Had always though the cute looking dolphins if come in pink color, how lovely they would be? Your dream comes true. The Amazon River dolphins are pink in color and widely spotted across Colombia.

People rarely say “No”

Just Say No

It’s rude to say “No” in Colombia. They would rather clarify and give reasons for not doing what you ask for instead of directly saying “No”.

National anthem is played at 6 am & 6 pm everyday

National Anthem On Air

Radio and television channels play the National Anthem by default every day at 6 am & 6 pm. Respect the local patriotism when you are there.

Buying Minutes on Streets

Buying Minutes in Colombia

Street sellers in Colombia sell range of weird and wonderful things for less than one dollar. But one thing that is the weirdest is buying a mobile for minutes to make a call and then handover the device to the shopkeeper.

 Let’s say cheeeeese to Colombia….

  1. FF

    Didn’t do their homework. Cheese in coffee is also a Scandinavian thing!

    1. Monalisha Mallick

      Thanks for informing. We will update our article

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