Here’s why you should visit the Winter Wonderland in Riyadh Season!

Riyadh has been hitting headlines with its most anticipated and successful event, the Riyadh Season! Kicked-off from last October, the show witnessed over 7 million visitors thus far. That’s no small feat! 

We have been covering all the Riyadh Season spectacles comprehensively from the beginning, and in case you have missed out on any of our updates, find them here

A journey through the Winter Wonderland 

Magic has set foot in Riyadh for the second time! Winter Wonderland, an amusement park from London and one of the 14 zones of this year’s Riyadh Season has been inspiring people around the globe with its other-worldly rides and events. Coming back to the Riyadh Season after 2019, they have arranged multifarious activities, this time around. 

Winter Wonderland
Winter ‘WONDER’ land

Want to read more on all the Riyadh Season zones? Here is a quick guide! 

Bigger and brighter 

Winter Wonderland has been prodigious this year. One visit won’t be enough to cover all the 52 rides they have set up. There are 6 sub-zones that can be enjoyed, regardless of age group – Snow Forest, Dreamland Carnival, Winter Fair, Tales of Terror, Magic Box, and Wonder Circus. Each coming up with its own theme, you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

A glance at the sub-zones


1. Snow Forest 

Head to a whole new world of winter games! Experience the events that will entertain you to the core and take you beyond your imagination. 

Skyloop is one thing you shouldn’t miss in the Snow Forest. This one is made to turn your world upside down, as you experience the world’s first mobile Skyloop! 

The Skyloop
The Skyloop


2. Winter Fair 

You just can’t imagine how beautiful it is! It is made in such a way that you get to see the heart of Riyadh and all its charm in one go.  

Winter Fair
Winter Fair
3. Magic Toy Box

A magical zone for kids, with diverse games and activities that fit their wide imaginations, including a mega slide. 

Cocomelon is an area that you shouldn’t miss in the Magic Toy Box. It’s a place with unique educational and entertaining activities, suitable for children aged 1 to 6.  

Children having fun at the Magic Box
Children having fun at the Magic Box


4. The Dreamland Carnival

While stepping into the Dream Carnival, leave your breath at the entrance! With games like Disney, Alpen Hotel, and Double Loop Coaster, it’s packed with surprises. 


5. Tales of Terror 

Test your heart rate at Tales of Terror zone. You’ll be scared and entertained at the same time with the wide range of activities they have in store. Visit The Haunted Theaters that screens the best international horror films. 


6. Wonder Circus 

Get tickets to the international circus show, Wonder Circus, and get yourself immersed in the spectacular experiences. 


More exciting things to do 

Apart from the sub-zones and their respective events, there are other distinct activities the visitors get to enjoy while inside the Winter Wonderland. We’re listing out all the fun here. 


Ice Tunnel

A massive tunnel that takes the visitors to the magical world of winter! Adorned with snow and other ice masterpieces, the Ice tunnel will fascinate you. 


Print your memories 

Photographers are ready with their cameras all the time to click you while you’re upside down in the air, inside the stupefying rides. You can get a printout of these unforgettable moments, and take it along when you leave. 


Riyadh Store 

While you return after all the fun, they don’t want to leave you empty-handed. Visit the Riyadh Store and purchase a variety of souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home.  

The Winter Wonderland will be open till 31st March 2022. Find the ticket rates below. 


Ticket rates 

Entry Ticket (Weekdays): 55 SAR

Entry Ticket (Weekend): 110 SAR

( Free entry for kids under one year )


3 more months! That’s how long the fun-fest is gonna stay. If you’re traveling to Riyadh, we promise, your calendar will be filled with show stoppers!  Catch all the events, highlights, and other important information about the Riyadh season here.

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