Ramadan 2018 – These Countries Wear a Bright Colorful Hue in the Holy Month

Have you ever traveled during Ramadan? If not, you should do it on Ramadan 2018 as many countries wear a vibrant colorful festive look during this season. The days are silent with many shops closed but it is the night that would captivate your attention.

Falling in the ninth month of the Islamic year, Ramadan is a sacred month when Muslims around the world fast the whole day and devout themselves to all thing religious. Travelling to these won’t stop you from your religious sojourns and at the same time would make you witness a different culture and come in touch with traditions that are practiced locally. Explore the below countries in Ramadan 2018 and get  immersed in the beauty of the blessed month.

The List of Top Countries that Come Alive During Ramadan



In Indonesia, Ramadan is spelled as Ramadhan. After the sunsets, Indonesia’s atmosphere comes alive with warungs (small family-owned restaurants) all around. People celebrate the end of the fast with an incredible parade of tossing firecrackers. The homemade floats describing the religious icons are the special attraction of Indonesia during Ramadan.



People break their fast with Iftar which looks like a lively party celebration. Iranians love to break their fast with sweet delights  accompanied with cool summer beverage (sharbat). Zoolbiah and bamieh are the must try sweet treats of Iranian Iftar. Most of the attractions are open as regular, during the holy month of Ramadan. Exploring Iran during Ramadan 2018 will enhance the cultural knowledge of the country.



Ramadan is one of the best times to explore Singapore because of its lively bazaars. A number of bazaars spring up throughout Geylang Serai, situated in the Malay Quarter, Singapore. Experience the bustling and vibrant vibe with the traditional snacks.



Following the sunset, the streets of the country come alive with the people enjoying celebratory Iftar. You’ll find aplenty traditional local delights and tasty desserts. Large crowds gather in the country to set off fireworks or carry lanterns. The spectacle event would go for hours and mesmerizes tourists, expats, and locals alike.

United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates – the epicenter of bustling and dynamic atmosphere becomes a host of glamorous Iftar events. Dine like a sultan at the UAE’s luxury hotels. You’ll find many Bedouin-style tents in Dubai offering the exceptional Middle Eastern hospitality to break the fast in style.



Enjoy the added benefits of Muscat hotel fares during Ramadan. Explore the country’s rich heritage when it is quiet during the day and join the throngs of people walking after Iftar. Seasonal markets held a few days before Eid is the special attraction of the country. Seasonal market or ‘Habta Market’ is an open market that attracts a large turnout of visitors.



Don’t miss exploring the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca – one of the impressive Muslim architecture in the world. Witness the mesmeric views of people praying in Marrakech mosques. Traditional local sweet delights such as sellou and chebekia, Harira (hearty lentil and tomato soup) fried fish, pancakes, and flatbreads are traditionally prepared during the holy month of Ramadan.


Festivals bring the best of a city. This Ramadan explore the above destinations and you would agree with us for sure.

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