No Crowd & No Car Horns! Set Your Ride to Saudi’s Salient Landscapes

Saudi has got millions of visitors every year. And it’s very true that most of the visitors are well hide bounded with Saudi’s – ever-bustling spiritual locales, mystifying tombs, commercial centers, and shopping souks all with lined up alleyways.

Your travel experience cannot be completed by just this. So now, it’s time to make a bold plan to see what Saudi has got in its second pocket. All you have to do is after exploring the rich cultural background of Saudi spare a part of your time to see the climates and terrains strewed over the scenic countryside of Saudi. Here are a few hidden treasures that you’ve got to discover…

Secret Destinations of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. Empty Quarter, Riyadh

Beautiful and massive dunes of Empty Quarter or Rubʿ al-Khali, full of texture and color, reveal the richness of the Arabian deserts. Take up the challenge to find something ‘Green’- Don’t be sad if you lose because it is since decades that – No eye did find a pinch of vegetation.


Get off the roads, move all around the up-down dunes in the middle of a hot summer day, do your photography of amazing sunsets behind the ‘Yellow Sand Dunes’, shake hands with Bedouins who live in the desert and listen to the silent whispering of ripples,  flames and gentle blows of the wind. All together binds up your experience with three magical words – ‘Adventure’, ‘Calm’ and of course can’t forget the ‘Heat’.

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2. Farasan Island, The Red Sea, Yemen

A natural reserve for blue seas, mangroves and coral reefs – Farasan Island or Jaza’ir Farasan – is a house for rich nature, wildlife and marine fauna.  Make a visit to several traditional villages located on the pristine Red Sea Coastline of Farasan Island and pick up on the ancient cultures of Saudi. Activity enthusiasts can never be disappointed with Farasan.


Underwater snorkeling, fishing and many more marine activities are live all the day long. Dive into the depths of the sea to discover the beauty of corals and variety of beautiful and fascinating creatures. If you are visiting during the months of April and May then you can’t take a chance to miss the ‘Parrotfish Festival’ or ‘Hareed Festival’. Take a part of the local dances and competitions held during the festive dusk to feast your holiday with a feeling of ecstasy.

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3. Edge of the World, Riyadh

A magnificent towering sandstone escarpment – Edge of the World – is dramatic with a continuous chain of canyons and mountain cliffs. Walk, hike, and climb until you reach the Edge and stun your eyes with the spectacular views of ‘Endless Landscape’. Soothe your tired feet and drooping shoulders with fine barbecue and relax in the shadows of the acacias.

Edge of the World, Riyadh

Pool some energy to click a few ‘selfies’ until the light’s gone. As the sun sinks beneath the horizon, capture the scenery change color tremendously. That’s not all! For making the ‘Edge of the World’ more exciting, settle for an overnight camping at the Acacia Valley and see how it feels like living with camels, goat herders, and campfires.

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4. Al Wa’bah Volcanic Crater, Taif

The arid and barren volcano crater – Al Wa’bah – is a giant majestic consequence of nature that captures your eyes with an “Awww!” Welcoming a bit of adventure to your trip is always a fun try to get a kickback from a mundane routine. So, prep your walking shoes, pack your camping tents and trek down the rocky cliffs to reach the pearly white crater.

Al Wabah

Set up your camping at the rim of the crater, by the palm trees and sleep under the galaxy of stars that glitter all night. Nothing can seem better than ‘Hot Cup of Coffee’ while looking up at the subtle changes of the sky as the sun rises from the dusty mountains.

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5. The Palm Oasis, Al-Ahsa

For one who is tired of exploring miles and miles of dunes and deserts of Arabia, Al-Ahsa , satisfies your wanderlust in a different direction. The place, well known for being the largest palm tree oasis, roofs up canals, sophisticated irrigation systems and thousands of acres of farmlands.

palm oasis

Take a quick splash through a naturally occurring springs that are scattered all over, gaze at the caves of Al Qarah, make a visit to the ‘Yellow Lake’ and eat locally produced dates with Hezawi bread with Arabic Coffee, there you go – you are itinerary with Al-Ahsa is complete.

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