Best Middle East Destinations for The Perfect Winter Holiday

Not just the sunny beaches or warm feel, Middle East has a cold side too. There’s snowfall, skiing destinations, and snowboarding too. The Middle East can give Europe a run for the money as a winter getaway. From mountains where you can ski and enjoy the full winter experience, to beaches for those who simply don’t like the cold – Middle East has it all.

These Middle East Destinations are for Perfect Winter Holiday




If you are looking for the brand new winter experience, then head to Dubai beaches. The vibrant city is famous for its excruciatingly hot summers, but it has perfect weather in winter as well. Yes, winter in Dubai is like a colorful beach season. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your swimsuit and book your flights to Dubai in a winter season. And if you want to have a unique kind of experience, you can check out Ski Dubai in Dubai.

When to go: November – March

Things to do in Dubai during winter:

  • Go fly-boarding or jet skiing with Ride in Dubai
  • Hit the slopes
  • Indulge in real hot chocolate
  • Treat Yourself at Melting Pot, Box Park

Abu Dhabi

Ab Dhabi 1

Much like its neighbor Dubai, Abu Dhabi also has perfect weather during winter. Nevertheless, to say, winter in Abu Dhabi is the ideal time of the year to enjoy outdoor activities and visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  Abu Dhabi is one of the perfect places in the UAE to bring the families and young ones on holiday with a lot of activities for all ages.

When to go: November – March

Things to do in Abu Dhabi during winter:

  • Live like a Bedouin
  • Go bird watching during sunset
  • Walk in an oasis
  • Hit the Corniche



To experience a complete contrast to the typical winter holiday, head to any beach resorts in Fujairah. This Emirate is one of the country’s resident’s favorite places to enjoy in winter due to ideal beach weather. Visitors can also enjoy all the outdoor activities from snorkeling to camping in Fujairah.

When to go: November – March

Things to do in Fujairah during winter:

  • Enjoy the spectacular Sunset Views
  • Visit Fujairah Fort and Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Indulge in the beach activities




Petra is an ultimate destination for all history enthusiasts and no matter what time of the year.  This archaeological site is one of Jordan’s most famous touristic attractions, and this can make better when the visitors can take a walk through the Petra Walls while enjoying the chilly and refreshing breeze during the winter months.

When to go:  December – January

Things to do in Petra during winter:

  • Explore the Lost City of Petra
  • Relax at the Red Sea in the city of Aqaba
  • Enjoy epic sunsets at Tala Bay
  • Lose yourself in the desert of Wadi Rum

Dead Sea


Widely known for its beauty, this salt lake is one of the most epic trips you must take in your, and you should head there no matter what time of the year. Plan a trip to the Dead Sea and see one of the lowest points on Earth at over 430 meters below sea level.

When to go: December – January

Things to do in the Dead Sea during winter:

  • Float like a mermaid at the Dead Sea
  • Experience the magical culture of the Middle East




Muscat is a captivating city where mountains and the desert meet forming a stunning geographical sight.  The city has a vibrant culture where visitors can enjoy the city and the sea. Additionally, Oman is quite renowned for its hikes, such as the Hajar Mountains, which are much more enjoyable during winter when the weather is chill.

When to go: January-February

Things to do in Muscat during winter:

  • Shopping in the souk in Muscat
  • Go for Al Areesh desert camp




Like most other Middle East cities, capital of Bahrain has sweltering summers, but the best time to visit Manama is during winter. The vibrant city has been designated as the Capital of Arab Culture, and it should definitely be on everyone’s itinerary in order to enjoy its unique skyline, as well as traditions.

When to go:  November to March

Things to do in Manama during winter:

  • Eat in the Capital Club and marvel at the views
  • Party the night away at the Lunar fest on Al Dar Islands
  • Watch the Bahrain Grand Prix
  • Take a look at the local art scene




If you enjoy the nightlife, Beirut is the perfect place to go. Beirut is vibrant and pumping with many famous clubs and bars to pick from and late nights for both visitors and residents. However, do remember that Beirut won’t be your typical cozy holiday, sitting by the fireplace and chilling under the covers.

When to go: December-March.

Things to do in Beirut during winter:

  • Hire a chalet in Faraya/Arz
  • Get lost in Ashrafieh
  • Take an evening stroll on the cornice
  • Explore abandoned buildings at night


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