AlUla: The Sun, Sand And Sky Call On You To Explore


AlUla has made the ancient desert city an appealing vacation destination, encouraging visitors to learn about AlUla’s undiscovered tales and create lasting memories since the city offers some unique experiences that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

AlUla is the ideal escape from the heat of the city because of the cooler temperatures, absence of humidity, and shade provided by the beautiful oasis. Because of the lovely coolness of the mornings and evenings, guests may engage in as much or as little activity as they choose. The depth of human history in AlUla and the abundance of undiscovered natural wonders make it an interesting place to visit.

AlUla Adventures


The Experiences Worth In AlUla


Abseiling at AlUla is a sport you should attempt whether you are an expert mountain climber or have never ascended a mountain before. You’ll walk off the edge of enormous cliff sides while wearing a helmet, gloves, and a harness while the activity takes place on the area’s mountainous terrain. You will experience guaranteed adrenaline rushes as you slowly descend the sheer rock face. All the while, knowledgeable advisors ensure that everything you do is safe and provide additional support as required.

New day, new adventure. Source: Facebook

It allows one to re-establish their connection to nature and travel back in time thanks to the canyons’ flowing shadows, which resemble clouds moving through the sky. It’s going to be a memorable trip, especially for the foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, and those looking for adventure.

  • Entry Fee: $47.93
  • Duration: 2 hours 
  • Suitable for: Height and weight criterion apply


Hidden Valley Hike

Take to the desert and the peaceful surroundings as you walk through the smooth sand, and stop to marvel at the enormous rock formations surrounding you during a short mile-long interpretive trail that passes through a region with a rich history, a variety of wildlife, and rock climbers.

Hidden Valley Hike
Look up and marvel at the universe!

The path circles the valley’s periphery while occasionally passing by the park’s recognizable clumps of monzogranite boulders. You’ll pass Joshua Trees, pines, oaks, yucca, and possibly some desert wildlife along the way. As the sun sets, observe the shadows starting to form as the sky is painted with soft pink and orange hues. You will genuinely appreciate AlUla’s captivating beauty as your hike ends.

  • Entry Fee: $78
  • Duration: 1.5- 2 hours hike (4 Km)
  • Suitable for: All


The Ridge Walk

You may completely immerse yourself in the desert atmosphere on the Ridge Walk Hike, an undemanding hike that offers scintillating views of AlUla’s spectacular scenery. Beautiful views of Wadi AlUla may be seen on this short (6 km) climb up a ridge.

The Ridge Walk in Al Ula
Happy Trails!

This journey begins with a challenging ascent and is ideal for families and parties wanting to see more of AlUla’s vast environment.  Later, it becomes a stroll that lets you take in the scenery and admire AlUla’s magnificence. 

  • Entry Fee: $78.55
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Suitable for: +16-year-olds


Rock Climbing

A rock-climbing outing is also an excellent choice if you’re searching for an exciting, adventurous activity in AlUla. Your muscles will remain active, and these activities will keep your adrenaline running. It is a fun way to traverse the landscape and climb some incredible cliffs and mountains!

Rock Climbing in Al Ula
Never stop exploring!

There are many stunning mountains, stones, and cliffs to climb at AlUla. Get outside and give yourself the enormous feeling of success that comes from dominating the nature around you.

  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Duration: 2 hours 
  • Suitable for: Everyone except children below four years of age and pregnant women (exceeding 32 weeks) are not permitted.


Helicopter Tour

It’s time to take off, so fasten your seatbelts and don your headsets!

Prepare to see AlUla from above on this thrilling 30-minute helicopter tour with your guide as you fly over the city’s seven most well-known monuments and historic locations.

The enormous Jabal Al Fil (Elephant Rock), AlUla’s most well-known natural rock feature, will be the first of them. The next stop is Hegra, the southern capital of the Nabataean Civilization and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can see the ancient tombs that have been deeply cut into the red and gold rocks. One of The Hejaz Railway’s last trains will be able to be seen there, preserved in time.

Helicopter Tour
Up, up, and away! Image Source:

Facing west, the chopper takes you to see Maraya, the building that holds the Guinness World Record for having a giant mirror, reflecting the sun out to the sky and glittering brilliantly like a diamond in the middle of the desert.

As it turns to the south, it passes over the AlUla’s three other most significant historical landmarks: Jabal Hikmah (the open-air library), Dadan (the seat of the Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms), and finally, the AlUla Old Town (the 12th-century medieval city).

You fully appreciate this fantastic location’s beauty, history, and sheer grandeur when you eventually touch down at Forsan Village. 

  • Entry Fee: $133
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Suitable for: Everyone, excluding children below three years of age


AlUla Buggies UTV Tour

Buggy, did someone say that? We did, indeed!

Settle in for a bumpy trip through the red sands of the desert by hopping aboard a UTV and fastening your seatbelts.  It’s impossible to overstate how wild of a ride this incredible UTV buggy adventure is as it lets your daring side soar!

Buggies UTV Tour
Wanderlust and desert dust!

You will be driven through rugged terrain by a skilled Husaak driver as they maneuver you through towering dunes, narrow canyons, and other hazards. Be prepared to be astounded by their abilities and command of the paths in this gorgeous setting of the renowned World Heritage Site, allowing you to discover a different side of AlUla as you traverse the golden desert, take in the expansive palm trees in the lush oasis, admire the creative carvings on the walls, and explore the archaeological sites.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Entry Fee: $266
  • Suitable for: Everyone except babies and pregnant women, patients with cardiac and asthmatic issues.


Vintage Car Tour

This must-do excursion will take you through the breathtaking scenery of AlUla and allow you to explore Hegra, the most important and well-preserved remnant of the Nabatean civilization south of Petra.

Vintage Car Tour
Classic car has no limits!

You’ll be driven about in a classic Land Rover while being guided by a Rawi, a local storyteller who will educate you on the area as you go.

You’ll witness the region’s hidden ceremonial chambers, go to the rocky outcrop Jabal Ithlib, and see more than 100 well-preserved burial sites cut into the sandstone rocks.

  • Entry Fee: $186
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Suitable for: Adults, excluding pregnant women 


AlUla’s Zipline Experience

Be prepared to be taken aback by the breathtaking mountain vistas or the blistering speed. At the Adventure Hub, ride AlUla’s dual zip line to soar above the historical peaks of Harrat Mountain.

Life was made for adventure

It’s not for the faint of heart as the line has recently been extended, making it the longest and quickest in the kingdom as riders fly 1.5 kilometers into the air over magnificent orange and red-hued landscapes at speeds up to 120 km/h.

Test your sense of adventure while exploring the gorgeous desert from the vantage point of sandstone canyons. 

  • Entry Fee: $48
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Suitable for: Everyone, except children under 12 


Dadan, Hikmah Vintage Car Tour

Dadan is a prime example of historical human expression that has contributed to AlUla’s history and heritage, with its towering majestic red rocks and eternal mystery, launching it as an academic center for learning, research, and creativity.

Board a bus for ten minute drive to the Jabal Hikmah, the biggest “open library of petroglyphs, rock art, and inscriptions in Saudi Arabia, which has nestled away in a lonely canyon Follow the route across a valley amid a stunning desert warmed by the sun. You will be marveled at its strength of traces and texts of AlUla’s ancient civilizations revealed by a natural and colossal testament from the past, traversing the trove of engraved passages, from the specifics of gifts to the rules carved in stone. The hundreds of carvings and inscriptions covering the cliff faces and rocks here serve as records, ensuring that Jabal Ikmah will be remembered for centuries. These letters, written in an ancient tongue, have motivated scholars to look into the history of Arabic.


  • Entry Fee: $16
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Suitable For: All

AlUla Adventures


AlUla’s living museum has a sense of openness, expanse, and silence that encourages visitors to wander. Be sure to devote plenty of time in your AlUla schedule to commune with the region’s abundant natural gifts. From mazes of stunning rock formations to rolling, sand-swept dunes to a valley covered in palm and lemon trees to millennia-old hints in the basalt lava flow.

Literally boasting of an extensive blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, every traveler can find an exciting experience in AlUla, The World’s Masterpiece by booking travel plans with Rehlat.


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