The Groves – What to know before you go?

Four long months of exciting days, and nights sublime like never before! Don’t feel low when we say that the fun would only stay for three more months. Yes, it’s the Riyadh Season we’re talking about! The grand event has been on a roll since its inception in 2019. The show is back again in 2021, with all its might. Spanning over five months, the curtains will fall in March 2022.

The entire Riyadh season is happening over 14 different zones. Here is a quick guide to all the zones!

Talking about zones, you can’t miss The Groves. A world of entertainment and happiness in itself, The Groves is created for you to enjoy every moment, LIVE. Designed as a depiction of all four Zodiac elements, The Groves represents the Earth ( food being the main attraction), Water ( for the umpteen relaxing options ), Air ( for the beloved memories ), and Fire ( for the rapid actions).

Creativity and technology, with the essence of magical storytelling experiences, make this zone unique. A huge room to imagine, and with interesting activities, international restaurants, shows, and performances around, The Groves has so far been a massive hit.

Key Attractions

A lot of attractions await you at The Groves. 


1. Birds of Eden – The high tea experience!

Enjoy the evenings alongside your family and loved ones listening to the birds’ twittering,  gentle piano notes, and choosing from the finest tea served with a side of scones, jam, and finger food. 

Ticket Price: 290 SAR ( Reservation required )

Birds of Eden
Birds of Eden
2. GEM.IN.I – An exceptional fine dining menu!

A depiction of the best of both Italian and Japanese cuisines will give you a whole new dimension in your food exploration journey. Along with delicious food, experience their one-of-a-kind lounge atmosphere too. 

Ticket Price: 370 SAR ( Reservation required )


3. El Lechazo – Taste the authentic Spanish cuisine!

If you ask Saudis, the best brand specialized in Spanish cuisine, please don’t wonder if most of them answer EL Lechazo! You get to experience authentic Spanish food with a fusion flair. Wooden ovens are used to roast the lamb, keeping the meat tender, which is then served hot and smoky. 

Ticket Price: 370 SAR ( Reservation required )

El Lechazo ( Credits: )
El Lechazo ( Credits: )


4. Al Jalsa – Feel Home! 

Al Jalsa is all about nature and food! Experience an amazing outdoor experience with family and friends, enjoying warm drinks and finger food with a view of the Wadis. What if it is accompanied by melodic tunes of the Oud and Kanoon? Your evenings can’t get any better!

Ticket Price: 350 SAR ( Walk-in seating only  )

Al Jalsa
Al Jalsa ( Credits: )
5. Fashion & Passion – Art meets fashion! 

Discover art and fashion at their very best! Visit Fashion & Passion and shop from the various local and international brands. There is a dedicated art gallery as well, showcasing the talents of the local Saudi artists. 


6. Milk & Butter Spa – Treat yourself with the best! 

Finish off the delicious dinner and head to the Milk & Butter Spa, for an exciting offer waiting for you. Follow these  2 easy steps and get back your full ticket’s price!

  1. Book a slot at the Milk and Butter Nail Spa at The Groves during weekdays ( Saturday – Wednesday ).
  2. Visit the spa and choose from a wide selection of relaxing services.

    And, get 75 SAR discounted!

Milk & Butter Spa
Milk & Butter Spa ( Credits: Sihamco )


7. The House – The posh zone! 

The Groves presents a luxurious space with high-end services, The House! 

Experience this lavish zone that is best suited for hosting a private gathering or socializing with friends.

The House
The House ( Credits: )


8.  Lucaland – A space, puppies love! 

A 100% family-friendly space for dog lovers in the first-ever dog park in Saudi Arabia! There are a lot of cafes, retail stores, and special care shops for dogs. 

Ticket Price: 50 SAR

Lucaland (Credits: )

The Groves – Working hours

4 pm – 1:30 am ( Last admission at 12 am )

You wouldn’t get enough time to check your phones while you’re in Groves, thanks to its exhilarating design. But, as you’ve ample time now, why don’t you check out all the events, highlights, and other details of the Riyadh Season 2021, at once? Wondering how? Click here!

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